Officer Opening – Youth Marshal

The Barony of the Cleftlands is accepting applications for Youth Marshal. If you would like to be considered for this position, please fill out an application online. The submission will be received by the Baron, Baroness, and Seneschal for review prior to being presented at an Officers meeting for final vote.

Thank you for your interest!

Gianna Vettori

Meeting Notes: 24-Jun-50


  • As Sir Nick has stepped down as Youth Marshal, to serve the kingdom in another capacity, the position is open. Please volunteer on the website, starting tomorrow. [Volunteer here!]
  • In related news, the Cleftlands bid to host their Highness’ Coronation has been accepted. Edward FitzRanulf and Jolicia are event stewards. They are still looking to fill out the staff roster and are looking for volunteers, especially in the area of merchant coordination, youth activities, shire reeve, security, event herald, as well as for the Brute Squad. Please contact them if you’re interested in helping out at (Edward) or (Jolicia). Please note, this coronation will be held only 6 weeks after Pennsic–lots of help will be needed because there’s not much time.
  • The Barony is seeking event bids for Standard Bearer’s this fall (but not 9/20 or 9/26), and the Regular Event in January 2016.


  • We are doing a Mapleside demo again this year on 9/19-9/20. We’ll be on a different location on the site with more shade. Please contact Artair at for additional details, or he’ll be sharing them as the time get closer.

Guild Announcements

  • Woodworker’s will be held at Meinhard’s at 7 pm tomorrow. Please check with him for directions or information at
  • Armorer’s Guild will be held tomorrow at 7 pm until you are thrown out or the sun rises. Please check with Clairiel at 440-243-1419 for directions or details.
  • The Equestrian Guild master wants you to know that yoga is very good for you. Also, the Equestrian Guild is meeting this Sunday as usual from 3-6, but not on 7/5, as for Independence Day they are taking the horses to Aethelmearc to crush the Aethelmearc forces. Check with for details.
  • Unofficial fencing practice will be held on Sunday as usual. Contact Cynwrig ( or Edward FitzRanulf ( for details and directions.
  • Next week there will be a Cook’s Guild meeting at 7:30 at the Cleftlands meeting to discuss plans for the Coronation feast, and other (now later in the fall) projects. Please join us if you’re interested in helping out with food either before or at the event.

Baron & Baroness

  • At Brawl at the Crooked Dragon Inn, this last weekend, Serena authorized rapier and dagger, while Nickolai authorized rapier and parry device. Aria (spelling?) of the Minions authorized in Combat Archery.
  • Lynette, their Highness’ daughter, won the Youth Archery competition. Tarmach won the Adult Archery competition, while Gallus, in a concerning move, was chosen as the Most Treacherous participant in the Brawl itself. He will now be watched.
  • Baron Wars is this weekend, only 2.5 hours away. There will be shopping. It will be held in the fort and there are several scenarios that will use the fort as an element in the combat. There will be 33 merchants. Please bring canned or other shelf-stable food for the Baronial Food fight. It’s a good event for pre-Pennsic shopping. Krisztian, recently of the Cleftlands, will be holding vigil and be knighted at court on Saturday. But before that, there will be shopping.
  • Their Majesties are looking for one person from each Barony to assist in setting up Midrealm Royal on Monday of the first week of Pennsic (Peace Week). Your Barons are neither of them able to be there, but are looking for volunteers to stand as proxy.

Royal Business / Announcements

  • Princess Serena held court at meeting. She inducted Oliver Stillman into the Order of the Evergreen. An award of the Purple Fret was presented and accepted by a member of the recipient’s household for later delivery.

Angharad ferch Tangwystl
Cleftlands Chronicler

A&S: Preparing for Kingdom A&S Faire

Have you ever thought about entering an A&S faire and wondered what it was like, or perhaps wondered what you might do before Kingdom to be more prepared as an entrant?  If so, please come tonight for a round table discussion on those and related topics.

Date: Wednesday June 17, 2015 @ 7:30 PM

Instructors/Moderators: Lord Oliver Stillman, Lady Sorcha brecc ingen Donnchada

Meeting Notes: 17-Jun-50


  • We are accepting bids for Standard Bearers, due by July 8, and bids for January Event.


  • Contact Dulcia ( about Rivenvale’s demo in Warren this weekend. They could use a help in arts, sciences and other areas.


  • Unofficial fencing practice this Sunday. Contact Cynwrig at or Edward FitzRanulf at for details.
  • Scribes Guild will meet July 6th at Melisent’s. Contact her at
  • Needleworkers will be next Tuesday at Madelaine’s. Please contact her at for details.

Other Business

  • Prince Nikolai:  Thanks to the fencing community outfitting and teach him about fencing. It’s not nearly as scary as he thought. Their Highnesses will be at Brawl at the Crooked Dragon Inn this weekend, and will be holding their first regency court. Please be sure to come.

Baron & Baroness

  • You have until 7/2 to make award recommendations for Pennsic.
  • Many thanks to those who volunteered at Bardic Roundhouse this last weekend:  Caitrina and Kenrick, autocrats, Francesca who ran gate, Julianne and Llewellyn who organized classes and Thomasina who organized food.
  • Brawl is the weekend.Please volunteer to retain for their Highnesses.
  • Baronial Court:
    • Helium-hand nebuly to those who met the last challenge: volunteer to do something new at an event by end of NOWM.
    • New challenge to the barony: Track your travel distance to events from NOWM until next January event. Everyone with over 1500 miles will be rewarded, with prices to the person who travels the farthest. Constanza pointed out that each trip out to Pennsic counts towards the mileage.
    • Many thanks to Oliver Stillman, who has volunteered to get the Baronial tent to Pennsic, even though as a non-fighter he does not make much use of it.

Meeting Notes: 10-Jun-50


  • Cleftlands will be accepting bids for Standard-Bearer event through July 8. Please, any date except Sept 9/20 (Mapleside Demo) or Sept 9/26 (Coronation bid).


  • Exchequer
    • Get receipts for NOWM to Robert by next weeks’ meeting or you will be thanked for your donation. Receipts can be scanned or photographed and emailed to him, if you will not be at meeting.
    • If you make an annual site donation at the mid-year, Robert can give you a receipt.
  • Knight’s Marshal
    • Bastian is updating the Baronial Roster of combatants. Please make sure you sign in.


  • Dance guild is going to Gwyntarian tomorrow night (6/11) to dance at their potluck. The potluck runs 8-10 pm. Please check their website for directions:
  • Unofficial rapier practice resumes this Sunday. Please contact Cynwrig ( or Edward FitzRanulf (
  • Equestrian Guild practice, in riding and driving will be Sunday practice from 3-6 pm. For details please contact James at layne.james@gmail.
  • Woodworkers Guild met last night and will meet next Thursday (6/18) around 7 pm. Please contact Meinhardt at for details.
  • Armorer’s Guild will be held at Ealdred and Clairiel’s home this Thursday at 7 pm. Please contact Clariel at 440-243-1419 for details


  • Brawl at the Crooked Dragon Inn in Falcons Quarry is June 20. There will be armored combat, fencing, archery and an A&S display. Their Highnesses will be attending, so Kateline is looking for royalty retainers and guards. You can sign up on the website.
  • Siege of Talonval is this weekend. Their Highnesses will be attending. Colette is looking for retainers to assist them. Please contact her at
  • Bardic Roundhouse is this weekend. Please come if you either like to entertain, or to be entertained.
  • NOWM announcements and thank yous will be sent out as a meetings addendum tomorrow, as I just can’t write fast enough to keep up with all the names of helpful people.

Baroness Angharad
Cleftlands Chronicler

Congratulations Baroness Angharad, Cleftlands Chronicler!

Populace_AngharadThe Cleftlands would like to welcome Baroness Angharad ferch Tangwystl as the new Chronicler. Baroness Angharad has been a member of the Cleftlands for many years and has served both the Barony and the Kingdom on many fronts, many of them delicious creations in feast kitchens and in recent times as a court herald.

A special thanks to the outgoing Chronicler, Lord Sergei the Jester for his hard work and service over the last two years.

A&S: Body Movement

Whether you dance, sing, tell stories, play an instrument or just want to be stunning in a houppelande, being comfortable with your body, it’s movement limitations and unique qualities, will make your capacity to strut your stuff that much better. This isn’t an exercise class, or a dance class, although we will be starting with some great warm-up stretchy exercise that can be performed sitting, standing and possibly on the floor. Then we’ll break into teams to do some improvisational exercises that will make you more comfortable with you. No one is expected to perform, but everyone is expected to have a blast. After all, when was the last time a four year didn’t giggle when she broke into a jig? So come with an open mind, wear comfy clothes you can move in and join the fun.

Date: Wednesday, May 13, 2015 @ 7:30 PM

Instructors/Moderators: THL Juliane Bechaumpe

Congratulations Cynwrig, Maaicke, and Damiana!

Congratulations to Lord Cynwrig ap Llywelyn‎, Lady Maaicke van Zanten‎, and Damiana Evstokhivna Sodnitsina‎ for their names and/or devices clearing the College of Heralds!


Cynwrig ap Llywelyn‎ Maaicke van Zanten Damiana Evstokhivna Sodnitsina‎
Azure, three serpents fretted heads and tails outwards Or. Argent, the kanji for “bright” and a base wavy azure. Per fess azure and Or semy of poppies affronty gules, a demi-horse issuant from the line of division argent.

Congratulations Winter 2015 Award Recipients!

Congratulations to all the recent Award recipients for January, February, and March!

A Regular Event in the Cleftlands (10 Jan, 2015)

  • Constanza de Mendoza – Order of the Laurel
  • Stevyn Silverthorne of Drachenmoor – Order of the Pelican
  • Amelinne la Boucherie – Award of the Purple Fret
  • Colette du Pre – Award of the Purple Fret
  • Tariq al Sanna Af Fjall – Order of the Red Company
  • Eynon ap James – Order of the White Chamfron
  • Sirius of Cleftlands – Award of Arms
  • Sabine of Vito’s Minions – Award of Arms
  • Gideon of Vito’s Minions – Award of Arms
  • The Halfway Oak Farm – Award of the Purple Fretty

Gulf Wars (13 Mar to 22 Mar, 2015)

  • Kateline Eliot – Order of the Dragon’s Heart



Officer Opening – Chronicler

The Barony of the Cleftlands is accepting applications for Chronicler. If you would like to be considered for this position, please fill out an application online. The submission will be received by the Baron, Baroness, Seneschal, and the Chronicler for review prior to being presented at an Officers meeting for final vote.

The deadline for submissions are April 15, 2015.

Thank you for your interest!

Gianna Vettori

Congratulations Folkráðr, Porcia, Furius, and Victorius!

Congratulations to Lord Folkráðr Freyríksson, Lady Porcia Vera, Lord Spurius Furius Germanus, and Sargent Victorius “Vici” Suspectus for their names and/or devices clearing the College of Heralds!


Folkráðr Freyríksson Spurius Furius Germanus
Victorius “Vici” Suspectus
Argent, a wolf’s head couped contourny and a bordure engrailed sable. Sable, a fess gules fimbriated between a feather fesswise and a gladius fesswise argent. Gules, on a cushion argent a horse’s head erased sable.

Welcome Sör Crispin, Cleftlands MOAS!

Populace_CrispinThe Cleftlands would like to welcome Sör Crispin de la Rochefoucauld as the new Minister of Arts & Sciences. Sör Crispin has been a member of the Cleftlands for many years and has served both the Barony and the Kingdom on many fronts. While he is best known for his martial prowess on the field, he is also a skilled scribe and brewer as well as a exemplary woodworker.

And special thanks to the outgoing Minister, Lady Nest Bengrek for her hard work and service over the last three years.

Congratulations Claricia, Crispin, and Oliver!

Congratulations to Lady Claricia, Sor Crispin, and Lord Oliver for their names and devices clearing the College of Heralds!


Clairicia de la Mere Crispin de la Rochefoucauld Oliver Stillman
Arms_Claricia Arms_Crispin Arms_Oliver
Argent, an eating fork and a spoon
in saltire sable, a base wavy azure.
Sable, a lion statant within
an orle of chain Or.
Argent, in fess three ogresses,
an orle vert.

Officer Openings – Demo Coordinator, Minister of Youth

The Barony of the Cleftlands is accepting applications for Demonstration Coordinator and the Minister of Youth. Each position requires current SCA membership, and the Minister of Youth position will require a background check*.

If you would like to be considered for either of these positions, please fill out the application online. The deadline for submissions is February 28, 2015. Questions or comments may be directed to my inbox (


* Regarding the Minster of Youth:

All warranted Youth Officers (deputies who ultimately report up to the Kingdom Seneschal) must have a current SCA membership and an approved, current, and valid background check. Warranted means you are an official deputy to the Kingdom Youth Coordinator or to the Kingdom Seneschal or one of their deputies. (Society Seneschals Handbook, Section 154.)

Gianna Vettori

Weekly Meeting Cancelled

The weekly meeting held tonight, February 4th, has been cancelled due to inclement weather and standard Ohio road conditions.

Thank you.

A&S: Cold Cabochon Settings

Cold cabochon setting is a process which sets gemstone cabochons in bezels without using heat. Everyone who attends the class will leave with two small pendants or a pair of earrings. Class fee is $5, limit 10 people at a time.

Date: Wednesday February 11, 2015 @ 7:30 PM

Instructors/Moderators: The Honorable Lady Elizabeth Alles

Scribes Guild Cancelled

The Scribes Guild meeting scheduled for Monday, February 2 had been cancelled due to inclement weather.

Congratulations Muldonny McVriw!

On Wednesday January 28th, the Cleftlands lists were opened to all rapier combatants to test their mettle in the annual rapier tournament. Twelve inspired combatants stepped forth and took to the lists. When the flurry of blades slowed and the last dramatic demise, one fencer emerged victorious. Heartfelt congratulations to Lord Muldonny McVriw!

The list included:

  • Lord Cynwrig ap Llywelyn fighting for Lady Maaicke van Zanten
  • THL Edward fitz Ranulf fighting for Lady Sorcha brecc ingen Donnchada
  • Lady Gwenllian Tarianlas fighting for Duke Laurelen Darksbane
  • Sergeant Kari Garanhirsson fighting for Lady Fritha EikBrandrsdóttir
  • Captain Krisztian Von Atzinger fighting for Baron Ealdred of Gwyntarian
  • Lord Meinhard Hammerschmidt fighting for THL Gianna Vettori
  • Lord Muldonny McVriw fighting for Gwynedd Cole
  • Lord Pietro Nicolo da San Tebaldo fighting for Ilsa of Cleftlands
  • Lord Sergei the Jester fighting for Lady Esther Seixas
  • Lady Slaine inghean ui Seachnasaigh fighting for Lord Patrick of Cleftlands
  • Lord Taranis of Vito’s Minions fighting for Maeve of Cleftlands
Rapier Tournament Combatants

Rapier combatants, marshals, and excellencies from left to right: Taranis, Slaine, Sergei, Meinhard (kneeling), Auric, Muldonny, Baroness Constanza, Baron Calum, Sir Alen, Krisztian, Kari, Pietro, Gwenllian, Edward (Fitz), and Cynwrig. Photograph by Lord Tarmach ben Yehuda al-Khazari.



Cleftlands Rapier Tournament

Their Excellencies Calum and Constanza, fourth Baron and Baroness of the Cleftlands, cordially invite you to the annual grand rapier tournament held this Wednesday, January 28 in Euclid, OH. All authorized rapier combatants are welcome to participate. The tournament will commence at 7:45 PM. If competing, please arrive early enough to make known your intentions to the List Table as well as reporting in to the Heralds who will not only announce you, but help you process into the tourney by Order of Precedence. Non-combatants, please honor the participants and dress your best in support of their valiant efforts.

Congratulations Elizabethe Alles!

Congratulations to THL Elizabethe Alles on the registration of her new arms clearing the College of Heralds!


Elizabethe Alles
Argent, a paternoster purpure tasseled Or and on a chief dovetailed purpure three escallops argent.