Meeting Minutes: 11-Nov-50


  • Next week is the November Dessert Revel.
  • There will be no meetings on the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years.


  • 2 hour demo at the Beck Center in Lakewood for the Medieval Madness classes. Artair is looking for someone available to call dances for these sessions. Please contact him for info about the demo or if you can call dances for this.


  • February 27 will be the Jan…Regular Event.
  • April 9 will be the return of the Armorer’s and Needleworker’s Event. Melisent is still looking for a Proceedings Editor, an Armor Display Coordinator, and a Tour Guide for the Art Museum visit.


  • Knights Marshal: Bastian has been given an online form that will feed easily into a database for taking a census of all marshals and combatants. Please contact him at to get information.


  • Woodworkers is not meeting tomorrow night.
  • Armorer’s guild is: 7 to 10 pm in Berea. Please contact Clariel at 440-243-1419 or Calum at calum@att.netfor information or directions.
  • Unofficial fencing practice is meeting at 7 pm on Sunday. For details or directions, please contact  Edward at, or Cynwrig at
  • Needleworkers will be meeting once in December, probably on the East side. In the meantime, contact Madelaine with any recommendations or requests for classes, projects, or activities for next year.
  • Equestrian Guild Practices are usually on Sunday from 2-5 pm. Please contact for details and directions. You can also check the Cleftlands Equestrian Guild on Facebook for details.
  • East side archery practice is normally on Sundays at 4. Please check the Cleftlands Facebook page for information.
  • Cook’s Guild will be holding ‘Scappi Study Hall’ at meeting through into December for those interested in researching this period cookbook but who do not yet have a copy. If you’d like to more about the project, contact Angharad at


  • Next week is the Armored Combat Tournament and November Dessert Revel.  Sir Ulfr will be providing commentary about the combat for those interested.
  • Yule Revel will be the Dec 16: Esther is organizing the revel decorations and activities. Please contact her if you’ve help to offer.
  • We’ll also be accepting food donations for St. Herman’s Men’s Shelter at Yule Revel.
  • The travel challenge is still open: 1500 miles for a prize, top prize to the most number of miles between NOWM and the Jan…Regular event.