Meeting Minutes: 14-Oct-50


  • The new Baronial Youth Marshall is Sir Farthegn.
  • The Barony has accepted a bid for the Regular Event from Sabine, to be held on 27-Feb-50 (AS).
  • The November Dessert Revel will be Nov 18, the week before Thanksgiving. There will be no meeting the week of Thanksgiving.
  • The December Dessert Revel will be Dec 16. There will be no meeting the weeks of Christmas and New Years.


  • Edward announced the final financial results of Coronation. 419 attendees generated an income of $1,067, which is split 50/50 with the Kingdom. Bob is still selling leftover pop from the lunch tavern, so the final numbers may still change.


  • Auric would like to hear from all active rapier fighers to support the region in developing a census. Please contact him at The info he needs is:
    • Information that is needed:
    • Name: First, last, SCA name (w/ highest title)
    • Complete mailing address
    • Phone # (if applicable)
    • E-mail (if applicable)
    • Marshal status: Field or group?, Marshal in training?, Youth marshal or youth MIT?, C&T marshal?
    • Authorizations (all that apply): Single, parry, dagger, case, two-handed, C&T, youth authorized, light rapier, out of kingdom
  • Crispin announced the calendar is filling up with classes, but there’s always room for more. Please contact him with any classes you’d like to teach at
  • If you’d like to make an annual tithe, Bob can provide a receipt you can use for taxes.


  • Woodworkers will meet at Meinhard’s tomorrow at 7 pm. They’re continuing to work on woodcarver’s mallets. Contact him at for details.
  • Armorer’s will meet at Ealdred and Clariel’s tomorrow at 7 pm. For directions, contact them at440-243-1419.
  • Unofficial Fencing Practice will be held this Sunday at 4 pm. For info, contact Edward, or Cynwrig at
  • East Side archery practice will occur Sunday at 4 pm at 411 Douglas Blvd, Richmond Heights, OH 44143-1747, Gwynydd’s home.
  • Equestrian Guild will meet 3-6 pm. Sorcha is coming with her camera, so please bring garb for some great pictures. Contact for details and directions.
  • Jotunheim Forge is holding an open forge for blacksmithing this upcoming Monday. Please check the forge’s Facebook page for details.
  • Next Wednesday, Cook’s guild will meet upstairs at 7:30 to plan winter projects and activities.
  • The Halloween Dessert Revel will host a Cook’s Challenge on the them of Aspic. Contact Angharad for info at


  • At Coronation, three Cleftlands authorized as armored combatants: Eli, Nazar, and Rolo.
  • At the Rapier Tourney at Dessert Revel last month, two of Vito’s Minions authorized as rapier combatants and earned their names: Labros and Lupa. Labros was the gallery’s choice at the tourney.
  • At Crown Tourney this weekend, there will be 14 combatants, five from Cleftlands. Kjartan is fighting for Ísgerðr Gulkárr (better known to many as Bucket), Silverthorne fighting for Chai, Edward fighting for Milesent, Ajax fighting for Zsof, Windthegn for Neassa.
  • Elizabeth will be sitting vigil at Crown Tourney this weekend: please come and share your advice with her.
  • Alda will be hosting another McGyver competition.
  • Thorin shared the great feat he saw at Red Dragon this weekend. The team of Echtheo, James, and Thomas took on a Dragon. Thomas chopped off the dragon’s tail (King Nikolai), James took the dragon’s head (Duke Edmund). Then Echtheo, having lost the rest of his team, tore into the dragon’s body (four knights), finally skewering the heart of the dragon (Sir Ceallach).
  • DragonQuest, Brendoken’s Newcomer’s event and Baronial Championships will be held the following weekend, 10/25. Please come
  • The late date for the ‘January’ event this year will give you even m more time to pile on miles for the Baronial Travel Challenge.