Meeting Notes: 7-Oct-50


  • There will be an officers meeting on October 14.


  • Coronation: Edward FitzRanulf gave his thank yous to the Coronation staff. Madelaine thanked all those assisted with Troll, and Angharad her kitchen staff.


  • Jolicia introduced Derek and Heidi, attending their first meeting, after encountering the SCA at Mapleside Demo.


  • Unofficial Fencing Practice will be held on Sunday. Please contact Cynwrig ( or Edward FitzRanulf (
  • Armorer’s Guild will be held at Ealdred and Clairiel’s home this Thursday at 7 pm. Please contact Clariel at 440-243-1419 for details
  • Woodworkers Guild will meet on Thursday at Meinhard’s home to work on turn carver’s mallets. Please contact him at for details.
  • The Libator’s Guild of Vito’s Minions will be meeting Thursday around 7 at the Pumpkin Beer and Food fest. Please join them.
  • The next Cook’s Challenge is for the October Dessert Revel on the thme of “Aspic”. Please contact Angharad at for details.

Baron & Baroness

  • James Barkley presented a Dragon’s Barb medallion, originally received by Garvin then passed to James, and now presented to Tarmach.
  • At coronation, several Cleftlanders received awards:
    • Sorcha brecc ingen Donnchada – Order of the Willow
    • Tarmach ben Yeduha al-Khazari – Order of the Dragon’s Barb
    • James Barkley – Order of the Greenwood Company
    • Brangwayn Snowden – Order of the Dragon’s HEart
    • Sorcha Fraser – Order of the Purple Fret
    • Oliver Stillman – Order of the Royal Vanguard
  • The Barons are still sponsoring the Travel Challenge: Over 1500 or ‘Mostest’ miles travelled to SCA events between NOWM and January event. (And yes, there’s at least one January Event bid for next year.)