Meeting Notes: 9-Sep-50


  • Barony is still seeking a new Youth Marshal. Please contacts Gianna or the Barons, or apply online.
  • The Barony are still seeking a January event bid, which needs in by 9/26. If the Barony is just worn out, we will skip the event in 2016.


  • Mapleside Demo is 9/19-20. Please let Artair know if you can assist with this major demo. He’ll be posting information to Cleftlist, the website, and the Facebook page. Please come and help out. We have a new location, better parking, and lots of visitors coming. Please let Artair or Birna know which days you can participate.
  • Newcomer’s Demos at the 9/23 meeting, between Mapleside and Coronation. He’s looking for people to demonstrate activities, teach small classes, or set up displays.


  • Coronation
    • Madelaine has Troll open at all meetings until the event. She is also looking for volunteers to help sit Troll at the event. Contact her at It’s looking like 3/4 of the attendees will be registering at the door, she she is in dire need of assistance. Even a single hour of work would be very helpful.
    • Retainers are needed for the royalty, along with guards and food for the royalty room. We will be not only the entire MidRealm royal family, but also their Majesties of Trimaris in attendance.
    • Claricia could still use baked goods for breakfast, and help with cookies for lunch.
    • There are still some class slots available. Contact Elizabeth Alles if you’d like to fill them in.
    • If you’d like to help on feast, but are busy at the event, please consider coming to Angharad’s to make dumplings this Saturday at 9 am. 1643 Richmond Rd. in Lyndhurst.


  • No Equestrian guild this week, but they will meet on 9/20.
  • Woodworkers is meeting tomorrow night at Meinhard’s at 7 pm. Please contact him at or via Facebook.
  • Armorers Guild is occuring at Ealdred and Clariel’s at 7 pm. Call 440-243-1419 for info.
  • Meeting after Mapleside Demo (9/23) will be a Newcomers Revel. Please let Colette know if you can demonstrate or bring a display for newcomers.

Baron & Baroness

  • Harvest Days (Battle of the Five Armies) will be this weekend in Pleasantville, OH, about 4 hours away. It’s a three day camping event with a full range of activities. Please check the MidRealm site for details.
  • At Pounce, Niessa (Casey) received her Award of Arms. Brice was inducted into the Red Company, and Portia received her Doe’s Grace for service to her majesty. Aldemoureis was one of the scribes for the event.
  • September Dessert Revel (9/30) will also be the next Cleftlands Rapier Tourney, with the newly crowned King Nikolai defending his possession of the Cleftlands sword. Please bring yourself, your inspiration, and all your panoply.

HRH Nikolai

  • Prince Nikolai invited all rapier fighters to contest his possession of the Cleftlands sword: he has no particular desire to release it.
  • He presented his and his lady’s thanks to the Barony of stepping up to present his Coronation: they are overwhelmed by the pace of activities and are grateful for all the effort and that they need not be concerned with Coronation going well.