Congratulations Robert, Sorcha, Azemars, Gianna, and Maaicke!

Congratulations to Lord Robert atte Northclyf, Lady Sorcha Brecc ingen Donnchada, Lord Azemars Martel, the Honorable Lady Gianna Vettori, and Lady Maaicke van Zanten for their names and/or devices clearing the College of Heralds!


Robert atte Northclyf Sorcha Brecc ingen Donnchada
Azemars Martel
Vert, a fess checky azure and argent between a hanging balance and an open book Or. Gules, in bend three escallops inverted between two bendlets Or. Azure, a maunche and on a chief argent three fleurs-de-lys azure.
Sorcha Brecc ingen Donnchada
Gianna Vettori
Maaicke van Zanten
Azure, a heron contourny and in chief three mullets argent. (Fieldless) A flamingo contourny sable. Sign of the Blasted Oak