Meeting Notes: 8-Jul-50


  • The Barony is looking for a new Youth Marshal. You can submit an application on the Cleftlands website.
  • The Barony is also looking for bids for the Standard Bearer, January, and NOWM.
  • There will be an officer’s meeting next week to discuss the already known bids.


  • Mapleside Demo is scheduled for September 18-20.


  • Coronation (September 26, 2015)
    • Please let Edward or Jolicia know if you’d like to help, Many volunteers are needed. . The first staff meeting will held at 8 pm at next week’s meeting (7/15).
    • James will be serving as Coronation’s Shire Reeve. He’s looking for volunteers to populate a Brute squad for setting up halls, moving tables, etc.
    • Zsof is serving as Royalty Liaison. Please let her know if you can donate food or drinks for the royalty.
  • Standard Bearers (August 15, 2015)
    • Sir Krisztian is pulling together a Standard Bearer’s bid for 8/15, the weekend after Pennsic. He is still looking for a Royalty Liaison and a Fencing Marshal.


  • Exchequer: If you’re interested in making a mid-year tithe, please let Robert know so he can provide you with a receipt for taxes.
  • Chatelaine: We had two first timers at the meeting: Becca, who is a seamstress, and Nate.


  • Woodworker’s will be held at Meinhard’s at 7 pm tomorrow. Please check with him for directions or information at
  • Armorer’s Guild will be held tomorrow at 7 pm until you are thrown out or the sun rises. Please check with Clairiel at 440-243-1419 for directions or details.
  • The Equestrian Guild is meeting on Sunday 7/12 at 3 pm. Check with James ap Llewelyn for details.
  • Unofficial fencing practice will be held on Sunday as usual. Contact Cynwrig ( or Edward FitzRanulf ( for details and directions.
  • Needleworker’s will not be meeting before Pennsic. If you need some assistance with Pennsic garb making, contact Madelaine to see about making an appointment.
  • Choir: Zsof will be uploading music to the Choir Facebook page for all parts. The next rehearsal, the first one with new music, will be at the first meeting back after Pennsic.
  • Sir Krisztian offered to bring supplies to next week’s meeting to help you rebuild any spears using the old (now illegal) Mandrake spear tips with the newly legal new Pellinior spear tips.

Baron & Baroness

  • The Cleftlands Equestrian Guild travelled to far Athelmearc in force this last weekend. Zuriel won the “not the Aethelmearc champion” competition, while Ryan won the display for most period appropriate appearance.
  • The Barons are hosting the Travel Challenge for mileage to and from events between NOWM and January event, including all trips to Pennsic and any flying miles. There will be prizes for those traveling over 1,500 miles and for the person traveling the ‘mostest.’
  • Their Majesties are looking for volunteers to serve at Midrealm Royal as guards, retainers, or PODs. Please sign up on line.
  • Encampment at the Castle 13 is this upcoming weekend. It’s a local camping event with a full range of combat activities.
  • Please help set up the Baronial Tent noon of Tue, Peace Week. With enough people, it will go up easily. The Baronial Tent will be taken down one hour after the rapier Field Battle (last war point) on Friday of War week.
  • Baronial Musters
    • Armored Combatants at 9 am before the Field Battle.
    • Rapier Combatants at noon Monday before the Manor Battle.
    • Archers at 2:30 pm on Wednesday before the Populace War Point.
    • Opening Ceremonies is Sunday at 9 am. Champions should and others may join the Barons at Midrealm to process to the Ceremonies. Muster at 8 am outside Midrealm Royal.
    • Please display a Cleftlands flag at your camp. If you don’t have one, please check with the Barons.
    • The Pennsic game this year is again “Steal the Nebule” but this year, every camp will have their own nebule, and the victor is the camp with the most at Pennsic’s end. Please contact Constanza about getting your own nebule. You can decorate yours with your own camp’s arms if you choose.
  • Baronial Court
    • Lord Ectheo received his Award of Arms.
    • Lord Laszlo received his Awarrd of Arms.
    • (Last week, Vito accepted the scroll for Vici (Victorius Suspectus) who was made a member of the Order of the Gold Mace)

Barones Angharad ferch Tangwystl
Cleftlands Chronicler