Cleftlands Rapier Tournament

Their Excellencies Calum and Constanza, fourth Baron and Baroness of the Cleftlands, cordially invite you to the annual grand rapier tournament held this Wednesday, January 28 in Euclid, OH. All authorized rapier combatants are welcome to participate. The tournament will commence at 7:45 PM. If competing, please arrive early enough to make known your intentions to the List Table as well as reporting in to the Heralds who will not only announce you, but help you process into the tourney by Order of Precedence. Non-combatants, please honor the participants and dress your best in support of their valiant efforts.

Congratulations Elizabethe Alles!

Congratulations to THL Elizabethe Alles on the registration of her new arms clearing the College of Heralds!


Elizabethe Alles
Argent, a paternoster purpure tasseled Or and on a chief dovetailed purpure three escallops argent.

Officer Openings – Ministers of A&S and Youth

The Barony of the Cleftlands is accepting applications for the Minister of Arts & Sciences and the Minister of Youth. Each position requires current SCA membership, and the Minister of Youth position will require a background check*.

If you would like to be considered for either of these positions, please fill out the application online. The deadline for submissions is January 31, 2015. Questions or comments may be directed to my inbox (, please.)

Regarding the Minister of Arts & Sciences:

The Minister of Arts & Sciences is considered a Great Officer required for running the Barony. (Society Seneschals Handbook, Section 287.) In addition, did you know that if a local group does not have an A&S Minister, the group cannot have any official SCA sanctioned A&S activities and educational classes? (Midrealm, MOAS Handbook, Section: MOAS Requirements, p. 4)


* Regarding the Minster of Youth:

All warranted Youth Officers (deputies who ultimately report up to the Kingdom Seneschal) must have a current SCA membership and an approved, current, and valid background check. Warranted means you are an official deputy to the Kingdom Youth Coordinator or to the Kingdom Seneschal or one of their deputies. (Society Seneschals Handbook, Section 154.)

Gianna Vettori

Regular Event in the Cleftlands

A Regular Event in the Cleftlands will be taking place tomorrow, January 10, 2015. Join us in celebrating a Roman Saturnalia to welcome the new year!

For details, please view the event website.

Holiday Meeting Schedule

The Cleftlands will be observing the following holiday meeting schedule:

  • Nov 19 – Dessert Revel
  • Nov 26 – No Meeting
  • Dec 3 – Meeting
  • Dec 10 – Meeting
  • Dec 17 – Yule Revel
  • Dec 24 – No Meeting
  • Dec 31 – No Meeting
  • Jan 7 – Meeting

Please see our event calendar for details.