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A&S Activities: Week of 24-Jan

Sun, 24-Jan, 7 pm eastern: Four Stitch Techniques Mon, 25-Jan, 7 pm eastern: Medieval & Renaissance Textiles: Pattern and Color Tue, 26-Jan: 7:30 pm eastern: Cleftlands Needleworkers Gathering 8 pm eastern: A Shot at Division V – Brewing in A&S Wed, 27-Jan, 7 pm eastern: Cree Language Thu, 28-Jan, 8 …

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A&S Activities: Week of 17-Jan

Sun, 17-Jan, 3 pm eastern: Trans History Mon, 18-Jan, 8 pm eastern: Legs and Head of a Good Brew Tue, 19-Jan, 7 pm eastern: The Hebrew Calendar Wed, 20-Jan, 7 pm eastern: Henna Ancient Beauty Thu, 21-Jan, 8 pm eastern: Cleftlands Armor Gathering

A&S Activities: Week of 10-Jan

Sun, 10-Jan, 7 pm eastern: Intro to Hebrew Language Mon, 11-Jan, 8 pm eastern: SCA and Your Resume Tue, 12-Jan, 7 pm eastern: Charlemagne Part 2 and the 12 Peers of France Wed, 13-Jan: 7 pm eastern: Dolls in SCA Period 7:30 pm eastern: Cleftlands Needleworkers Gathering Thu, 14-Jan, 8 …

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A&S Activities: Week of 3-Jan

Sun, 3-Jan, 7 pm eastern: The Roman Soldier’s Diet Mon, 4-Jan, 7 pm eastern: Researching the Rare, Unusual, or Taboo Tue, 5-Jan, 8 pm eastern: Intro to Drinking Wed, 6-Jan: 7 pm eastern: Reniassance Perfumes – a practical approach Thu, 7-Jan, 8 pm eastern: Cleftlands Armor Gathering

A&S Activities: Week of 29-Nov

No eRUM classes this week, as it’s between terms. Thu 29, 8 pm:      Armourer’s Guild meeting

A&S Activities: Week of 22-Nov

No eRUM classes during the week, or Armourer’s on Thursday, due to the holiday. Sun 22, 7 pm:       Sor Ustad Q &A Thu 26, all day:    Thanksgiving Holiday: Enjoy. Fri 27, all day:     Black Friday: Go shopping at SCA Merchant Relief: while hiding inside with hot chocolate and leftover pie.

A&S Activities: Week of 15-Nov

Sun 15, any time: Ustad Week 1: Sword Edge Shaping Mon 16, anytime: Ustad Week 2: 6 ft Period Spears 1 & 2 and Tue 17, anytime:  Ustad Week 3: Inexpensive lightweight wooden shields 1 & 2 Wed 18, anytime: Ustad Week 4: Leather wrapped handle techniques         …

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A&S Activities: Week of 8-Nov

Sun 8, 7 pm:        Roman Soldier’s Diet Mon 9, 7 pm:       Poppin’ Tags: Finding SCA jewelry at thrift shops and yard sales Tue 10, 7 pm:       Bodhran Rhythms Workshop 4:  Left Hand techniques 7:30:        Needleworkers Guild meeting led by Miriana Wed 11, 7 pm:     Introduction to the …

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A&S Activities: Week of 1-Nov

Sun 1, 7 pm:        Dukes & Duchesses, Knights & Barons, and What on Earth is a Marquess?! Mon 2, 7 pm:       Making Magic in Multiple Medievalisms: Crossing the Bridge from Rennie to Scadian Mon 2, 7 pm:       Scribe’s Guild meeting Tue 3, 7 pm:        Bodhran Rhythms Workshop 3: Jig, Slipjig …

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A&S Activities: Week of 25-Oct

No eRUM classes this week, as it’s between terms. Sun 25, 2 pm:     Cleftlands Dance: Class (and videoing?), Acacia Reservation at Cedar Rd and George Zeigler Dr. in Lyndhurst, Look for the banner Tue 27, 7:30 pm: Needleworkers Guild meeting Led by Miriana Wed 28, 6 pm:     Cleftlands Dance: Class and Taping: …

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A&S Activities: Week of 18-Oct

18-Oct (Sun) 2 pm: Creative Songwriting by Hilla Stormbringer: 19-Oct (Mon) 7 pm: Producing Commedia for Modern Audiences by Niccolo Bartolazzi. 20-Oct (Tue) 7 pm: Engaging Demos and Displays by Aveline de Ceresbroch: 21-Oct (Wed) 7 pm: Bodhran Rhythms Workshop 2 – Reel and Polka Rhythms by Liadan Liathan: 22-Oct (Thu) …

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A&S Activities: Week of 11-Oct

11-Oct (Sun) 6 pm: Taking the Teeth out of Stage Fright by Sophia the Orange and Lucia Braganza a Firenze. 12-Oct (Mon) 7 pm: Intro to the Anglo-Saxon/Germanic Lyre by Sivrid Brumbach. 13-Oct (Tue) 8 pm: Body Movement for Commedia dell ‘Arte-Advanced by Sophia the Orange. 13-Oct (Tue) 7:30 pm: Cleftlands Needleworkers, …

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A&S Activities: Week of 4-Oct

4-Oct (Sun) 7 pm: History of the Harpsichord by Jolicia atte Northclyfe: 5-Oct :(Mon) 7 pm: Bardic Recitation by Breddelwyn ap Taliesin.  6-Oct (Tue) 7 pm: Spinning Our Tales: We Can All Be Bards by Aveline de Ceresbroch 7-Oct (Wed) 7 pm: Performing in Persona by Mistress Zsof: 8-Oct (Thu) 8 …

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A&S Activities: Week of 27-Sept

eRUM: No kingdom-level classes this week, as we’re between “terms’ Next week starts the October term, with plenty of Performance related classes. Many of the teachers will look familiar!! Wed, 7 pm: Lord Rojhan will present a class on the Cree Nation, their stories and mythology, and what those stories tell us about the world. …

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eRUM classes: Week of 20-Sep

20-SEP, Sun, 3 pm Peerage Roundtable 21-SEP, Mon, 7 pm How to Create a Class From What You Know 22-SEP, Tue, 7 pm How to Make an Arming Cap 23-SEP, Wed, 7 pm Equestrian Games

eRUM classes: Week of 13-Sep

13-SEP, Sun, 7 pm Nalbinding 101a York Stitch 14-SEP, Mon, 7 pm Italian Poleaxe Fighting 15-SEP, Tue, 7 pm Introduction to Chasing and Repousse 16-SEP, Wed, 7 pm Extracting Pigment from Your Woad Plants (pre-recorded class: link to be posted later)

eRUM Classes: Week of 6-Sep

6-SEP, Sun, 7pm Mind in the Match: Mental Preparation for Martial Arts 7-SEP, Mon, 7 pm Feeding the Fencer Sport Nutrition 8-SEP, Tue, 7 pm Deep Dish Pedagogy How to Improve Your Local Fighter Practice 9-SEP, Wed, 7 pm Tips for Teaching a Better A&S Class

eRum classes: Week of 23-Aug

23-Aug, Sun, 7 pm: Waivers Waivers Waivers Everywhere: 24-Aug, Mon, 7 pm: How to Open a Can of Worms: Research Project in the SCA: 25-Aug, Tue, 7 pm: How to Make Pants: Thorsbjerg Trousers and Hedeby Pants: 26-Aug, Wed, 7 pm: (SEE NOTE BELOW) Virtual Pasternoster Craft Along: NOTE: Please contact …

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eRUM Classes: Week of 16-Aug

16-Aug, Sun, 7 pm: Admin 101 for New Group Pursivants: 17-Aug, Mon, 7 pm: Taking A Belt from a Peer: 18-Aug, Tue, 7 pm: Estate Planning and the SCA: 19-Aug, Wed, 7 pm: Equestrian for Scadians Who Don’t Own a Horse: Please note: the Tue eRUM class is being taught by …

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eRUM Classes: Week of 9-Aug

9-Aug, 8-9 pm: Pickling 101: 10-Aug, 7-8 pm: Latin Smackdown: This is a pre-recorded class on Youtube You can find the handout for the class here: 11-Aug, 7-9 pm: 12th Century Norman Fashion: 12-Aug, 7-8 pm: Rebuilding your Local Group:

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