A&S Class: Live Figure Drawing

Instructor: Rivkah MiSpira

When: 22-Jun, 7 pm.

Where: Meeting site, somewhere indoors.

>What is this class?
This will be a mostly guided drawing class where you will draw a clothed model in different poses for varying lengths of time. We will explore the shapes and movement of the human figure via observation.
>Who’s this class for?
Anyone who wants to try out a new skill or sharpen up an old one. Experience is helpful but not necessary.
Also, you can use your observations as another way to analyze SCA period art to see how the human figure was stylized (or not) and what it was used to communicate.
>What should I bring?
Students must bring a drawing surface and some kind of mark-making utensil. Size doesn’t matter but larger surfaces can help you observe more completely. I recommend anything 8.5″X11″ or larger.
“Dry” media is preferred (pencil, charcoal, marker, paper, newsprint, etc) but if you can keep any paint or water from getting messy, then go for it. Tablets and styluses are also fine if they work for you. We’ll be moving fairly quickly through poses for at least the first chunk of class, so your medium should allow you freedom of movement, whatever you choose. Ink is also fine as long as it’s only getting on your fingers and not on tables and other people.
>If you have any questions, concerns, or just wanna talk shop, you can comment on this event, private message me, or find me at an upcoming meeting if I happen to be there. See you at the drawing table!
>>>IMPORTANT NOTE: TAKING PHOTOS OF THE MODEL IS NOT ALLOWED. This may be a clothed drawing class, but it’s a general practice to not allow unauthorized photography of models.