A&S Activities: Week of 10-Jan

Sun, 10-Jan, 7 pm eastern: Intro to Hebrew Language

Mon, 11-Jan, 8 pm eastern: SCA and Your Resume

Tue, 12-Jan, 7 pm eastern: Charlemagne Part 2 and the 12 Peers of France

Wed, 13-Jan:
7 pm eastern: Dolls in SCA Period
7:30 pm eastern: Cleftlands Needleworkers Gathering

Thu, 14-Jan, 8 pm eastern: Cleftlands Armor Gathering

A&S Activities: Week of 3-Jan

Sun, 3-Jan, 7 pm eastern: The Roman Soldier’s Diet

Mon, 4-Jan, 7 pm eastern: Researching the Rare, Unusual, or Taboo

Tue, 5-Jan, 8 pm eastern: Intro to Drinking

Wed, 6-Jan: 7 pm eastern: Reniassance Perfumes – a practical approach

Thu, 7-Jan, 8 pm eastern: Cleftlands Armor Gathering

A&S Activities: Week of 20-Dec

Sun 20, 5 pm: eRUM—Illumination Shading:

Mon 21, 7 pm: eRUM—Unmaking a Boar:

Tue 22, 8 pm: eRUM—German Pronunciation:

Wed 23, 7 pm: eRUM—Chess of Medieval Japan:

A&S Activities: Week of 13-Dec

Sun 13, 5 pm: eRUM—Painting on Fabric

Mon 14, 7 pm: eRUM—Barrels and Barrel Aging

Tue 15, 7 pm: eRUM—Charlemagne and France

Thu 17, 8 pm: Cleftlands Armourer’s

Society Gathering Suspension (May 2021)

Greetings unto the populace (and friends) of the Cleftlands. It is with a heavy heart, we bring you words from the Society regarding an extension to the suspensions of in-person activities covering until May 31, 2021 for North American kingdoms.

At the end of July, the Board of Directors issued a proclamation suspending most in-person SCA activities in North America until January 31, 2021, due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. In November, we asked the Kingdom Seneschals and Crowns of the known world to give us their counsel on how to proceed in the first part of 2021. We received very thoughtful responses from nearly all Crowns and Kingdom Seneschals as well as many other concerned people. We wish to thank everyone who responded for taking the time to do so, and for putting such effort into your responses.

After reading and discussing the feedback received, the Board decided at their conference call meeting on 12/01/2020 to continue the suspension of in-person activities in North America through May 31, 2021. That action reads as follows:

Motion by Ross Roegner to extend the Resolution to Suspend In-Person SCA Activity until January 31, 2021, originally issued by the Board of Directors on July 28, 2020, for a period of four (4) months, until May 31, 2021. Second by Gigi Coulson. Opposed: none. Absent: Jennifer Krochmal. Motion carried.

The original document can be found here.

While there is good news on the horizon regarding effective vaccines and other ways to treat and manage COVID, implementation of those treatments is still in the future. The current situation shows that infection rates are continuing to increase in many places throughout North America. The most important concern at this time must be the safety of all participants.

Please remember that federal, state, provincial, and local health directives and guidelines must continue to be followed whenever Kingdoms decide to authorize smaller local in-person meetings and local fighter practices. These local activities remain under the discretion of the Crown and Kingdom Seneschal. Kingdom Earl Marshals are welcome to give advice to the Crowns and Kingdom Seneschals when approving local practices.

Virtual events, as have been happening in many kingdoms, are of course allowed and encouraged to continue. If a Kingdom believes that the circumstances in their area allow for an in-person event, beyond approved local practices and meetings, to be held safely before May 31, 2021, the Crown and Kingdom Seneschal are welcome to discuss a variance with the Society Seneschal.

Such variances for events beyond local practices and meetings will be considered, but please keep in mind that limits on participants, mask requirements, local government approval, insurance questions, vaccine availability, and actual conditions regarding the epidemic in the Kingdom requesting the variance are all important issues that will be considered and discussed for any requested variances prior to the May 31, 2021 date.

Further, as stated in the original Resolution, if a Crown or Coronet feels the need to step down without heirs, a regent may be installed according to the laws of the kingdom or principality. If those laws are not adequate for the situation, the kingdom is invited to work with the Society Seneschal to create a solution that will be in the best interests of the kingdom or principality.

Live events and personal interactions are a large part of the way the Society has continued over the last fifty-plus years. These restrictions on live events in the SCA are painful, but the state of the world, and the well-being of everyone involved, currently require we be as careful as possible.
It does look like there will be vaccines available soon and once the epidemic is under some semblance of control, we can have live events again and celebrate all our interests and community safely.

If there are any questions, or further concerns or comments, please send them to us.

Lis Schraer (Society Seneschal) seneschal@sca.org
John Fulton (Society President) president@sca.org

If you would prefer to send something directly to the Board as a whole that can be done using sca-comments@lists.sca.org.

You may also contact your Kingdom’s Board Ombudsman. The list of the Board members and the Kingdoms each represents can be found here.

As it has been announced, all Society for Creative Anachronism in-person events have been suspended in North America until May 31, 2021. In-person gatherings are still being managed by Kingdom-level mandates. Until then, we look forward to seeing your accomplishments, activity, and faces online.

Draco Invictus!

Crispin and Gianna
Baron and Baroness of Cleftlands

A&S Activities: Week of 6-Dec

Sun 6, 8 pm: eRUM—To be Determined by Emer von Atzinger

Mon 7, 7 pm: eRUM—Winter Drinks

Tue 8,
7:30 pm: Cleftlands Needleworkers:
7 pm: eRUM—Child’s Play: Easy Children’s toys to make or buy:

Wed 9, 7 pm: eRUM—Zsof’s Rules on Becoming a Peer:

Thu 10, 8 pm: Cleftlands Armourer’s

A&S Activities: Week of 29-Nov

No eRUM classes this week, as it’s between terms.

Thu 29, 8 pm:      Armourer’s Guild meeting

A&S Activities: Week of 22-Nov

No eRUM classes during the week, or Armourer’s on Thursday, due to the holiday.

Sun 22, 7 pm:       Sor Ustad Q &A

Thu 26, all day:    Thanksgiving Holiday: Enjoy.

Fri 27, all day:     Black Friday: Go shopping at SCA Merchant Relief:
while hiding inside with hot chocolate and leftover pie.

A&S Activities: Week of 15-Nov

Sun 15, any time: Ustad Week 1: Sword Edge Shaping

Mon 16, anytime: Ustad Week 2: 6 ft Period Spears 1 & 2
and https://www.facebook.com/ortega.hobson/videos/10221742224495277

Tue 17, anytime:  Ustad Week 3: Inexpensive lightweight wooden shields 1 & 2

Wed 18, anytime: Ustad Week 4: Leather wrapped handle techniques

Thu 29, 8 pm:      Armourer’s Guild meeting, led by Calum

A&S Activities: Week of 8-Nov

Sun 8, 7 pm:        Roman Soldier’s Diet

Mon 9, 7 pm:       Poppin’ Tags: Finding SCA jewelry at thrift shops and yard sales

Tue 10, 7 pm:       Bodhran Rhythms Workshop 4:  Left Hand techniques

7:30:        Needleworkers Guild meeting led by Miriana

Wed 11, 7 pm:     Introduction to the New MoAS reporting System

Thu 29, 8 pm:      Armourer’s Guild meeting Led by Calum

A&S Activities: Week of 1-Nov

Sun 1, 7 pm:        Dukes & Duchesses, Knights & Barons, and What on Earth is a Marquess?!

Mon 2, 7 pm:       Making Magic in Multiple Medievalisms: Crossing the Bridge from Rennie to Scadian

Mon 2, 7 pm:       Scribe’s Guild meeting

Tue 3, 7 pm:        Bodhran Rhythms Workshop 3: Jig, Slipjig and Mazurka Rhythms

Wed 4. 7 pm:       How to Create a Class From What You Know

Thu 5, 8 pm:        Armourer’s Guild meeting

A&S Activities: Week of 25-Oct

No eRUM classes this week, as it’s between terms.

Sun 25, 2 pm:     Cleftlands Dance: Class (and videoing?), Acacia Reservation at Cedar Rd and George Zeigler Dr. in Lyndhurst, Look for the banner

Tue 27, 7:30 pm: Needleworkers Guild meeting Led by Miriana https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88261643621?pwd=UGx1TTdPcVdNNWtHZFhDZkxYR0d5Zz09

Wed 28, 6 pm:     Cleftlands Dance: Class and Taping: Acacia Reservation at Cedar Rd and George Zeigler Dr in Lyndhurst. Look for the banner.

Thu 29, 8 pm:      Armourer’s Guild meeting Led by Calum https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84704344487?pwd=UGJrZUxqNW5JQ05jeHBtYWdLQUl4QT09

A&S: Dance Class and Video

Looking for dancers to collect on Wed 21, or Wed 28 around 7 pm, at Acacia Reservation to learn/practice Joiussance vous Donneray (a basse dance) and galliards: then video your dancing of them. Garb strongly preferred. The final video of the Cleftlands Dancers will be shared online for the interested. Music is kindly provided by the Cleftlands Recorder Consort.

I’ve never done anything like this before, but let’s give it a try! Masking and appropriate social distancing to be maintained.

A&S Activities: Week of 18-Oct

18-Oct (Sun) 2 pm: Creative Songwriting by Hilla Stormbringer: https://zoom.us/j/97859926961?pwd=MnNkSFlBbUY5aXJGOXowRlB5VzF0Zz09

19-Oct (Mon) 7 pm: Producing Commedia for Modern Audiences by Niccolo Bartolazzi. https://zoom.us/j/97445429822?pwd=N0FNTjhxVTdxQXllbSswM0dOMHlCZz09

20-Oct (Tue) 7 pm: Engaging Demos and Displays by Aveline de Ceresbroch: https://zoom.us/j/97910011450?pwd=NURYak5lVDVSRjdGSFp6TXV6MzlQdz09

21-Oct (Wed) 7 pm: Bodhran Rhythms Workshop 2 – Reel and Polka Rhythms by Liadan Liathan: https://zoom.us/j/97539621476?pwd=L1hnbmI3Sy9TQWQ0TklhOTFJTUFuZz09

22-Oct (Thu) 8 pm: Cleftlands Armourers (and Schmoozers) Led by Calum MacDhaibhidh: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84704344487?pwd=UGJrZUxqNW5JQ05jeHBtYWdLQUl4QT09

A&S Activities: Week of 11-Oct

11-Oct (Sun) 6 pm: Taking the Teeth out of Stage Fright by Sophia the Orange and Lucia Braganza a Firenze. https://zoom.us/j/99177215251?pwd=NjhrMjVDbHdoR1pPSzlrZW9PY3ltQT09

12-Oct (Mon) 7 pm: Intro to the Anglo-Saxon/Germanic Lyre by Sivrid Brumbach. https://zoom.us/j/94835573612?pwd=ZFVTeUNQeUQxQXNBVGFKaFJjbXM2dz09

13-Oct (Tue) 8 pm: Body Movement for Commedia dell ‘Arte-Advanced by Sophia the Orange. https://zoom.us/j/92422528993?pwd=VDJ6ZjNIck5uZ1ord1Z1OWhLMHZtdz09

13-Oct (Tue) 7:30 pm: Cleftlands Needleworkers, Led by Miriana: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88261643621?pwd=UGx1TTdPcVdNNWtHZFhDZkxYR0d5Zz09

14-Oct (Wed) 7 pm: Bodhran Rhythms Workshop 1 of 4 – Choosing a Bodhran by Liadan Liathan: https://zoom.us/j/99774545998?pwd=QzdzN3dRK1NGSjNmZk9Va3VBYXdUdz09

15-Oct (Thu) 8 pm: Cleftlands Armourers (and Schmoozers) Led by Calum MacDhaibhidh: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84704344487?pwd=UGJrZUxqNW5JQ05jeHBtYWdLQUl4QT09

A&S Activities: Week of 4-Oct

4-Oct (Sun) 7 pm: History of the Harpsichord by Jolicia atte Northclyfe: https://zoom.us/j/91545071080?pwd=WGFab3YrOFR1SVBhcHRzV3FoeXJsUT09

5-Oct :(Mon) 7 pm: Bardic Recitation by Breddelwyn ap Taliesin. https://zoom.us/j/95042306466?pwd=OXppdVRsczZuOE9sT2lIRTRNT0lXUT09 

6-Oct (Tue) 7 pm: Spinning Our Tales: We Can All Be Bards by Aveline de Ceresbroch  https://zoom.us/j/95927596409?pwd=Ny9RYzdkbVN5eFNyZG5jY3FiUlduQT09

7-Oct (Wed) 7 pm: Performing in Persona by Mistress Zsof: https://zoom.us/j/92661598137?pwd=ekdkUGhjTmxmSmZqVXhLU0dkU1pNZz09

8-Oct (Thu) 8 pm: Armourers (and Schmoozers) Guild, led by Calum. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84704344487?pwd=UGJrZUxqNW5JQ05jeHBtYWdLQUl4QT09

A&S Activities: Week of 27-Sept

eRUM: No kingdom-level classes this week, as we’re between “terms’ Next week starts the October term, with plenty of Performance related classes. Many of the teachers will look familiar!!

Wed, 7 pm: Lord Rojhan will present a class on the Cree Nation, their stories and mythology, and what those stories tell us about the world.

Wed, 30-Sept: The close of the Michaelmas Preserves Challenge: show us the foods and drinks you have preserved this month! See the Facebook event in the Cleftlands group to post your entries.

Thu, 8 pm: Cleftlands Armourers (and Schmoozers) will meet on Thursday at 7 pm via Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84704344487?pwd=UGJrZUxqNW5JQ05jeHBtYWdLQUl4QT09




Armourer’s Guild: Thursday at 7 pm

Thursday’s at 7 pm, the Armourer’s Guild meets to discuss armour, history, current art projects, the state of our gardens, and pretty much anything else of interest to those attending.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 847 0434 4487
Passcode: Steel

Please contact Calum at Calum@wowway.net if you’d like some advice or help with your armor.

eRUM classes: Week of 20-Sep

20-SEP, Sun, 3 pm
Peerage Roundtable

21-SEP, Mon, 7 pm
How to Create a Class From What You Know

22-SEP, Tue, 7 pm
How to Make an Arming Cap

23-SEP, Wed, 7 pm
Equestrian Games

eRUM classes: Week of 13-Sep

13-SEP, Sun, 7 pm
Nalbinding 101a York Stitch

14-SEP, Mon, 7 pm
Italian Poleaxe Fighting

15-SEP, Tue, 7 pm
Introduction to Chasing and Repousse

16-SEP, Wed, 7 pm
Extracting Pigment from Your Woad Plants
(pre-recorded class: link to be posted later)