RUM Classes: Week of July 5

Check out the Royal University of the Midrealm (RUM) at: https://www.facebook.com/royaluniversityofthemidrealm/  or http://rum.midrealm.org/.

The July RUM term is focused on Officers, Stewards and Ministers: all the ways to help make the SCA actually happen.  See the list of classes below.

Jul-5, 7 pm: Building an Event – https://zoom.us/j/96930059476?pwd=aDZ0MGJpdHpiY3VDbldaVmcvL2dNQT09
Jul-6, 8 pm: Applying Crisis Response Care in the SCA – https://zoom.us/j/98772797195?pwd=NHdQTjdyV0F4TXovMEt2cXRKVGxrZz09
Jul-7, 8 pm: Being a Chatelaine, Local, Regional and Kingdom – https://zoom.us/j/97915226831?pwd=NVRqTGI4MHdJbUphU0JpbFBjUExjUT09
Jul-8, 7 pm: Chronicler 101 – https://zoom.us/j/93964231550?pwd=a0kySHArZWdLRFVnakJMSVpzdVdrdz09


Jul-12, 9 pm: Admin 101 for New Group Pursivants – https://zoom.us/j/92799360170?pwd=S3NaZXNoNmp2SDdZejhBcGRjSk00QT09
Jul-13, 8 pm: Fantastic Feasts and How to Build Them – https://zoom.us/j/91486328317?pwd=OXdLeTNpdEg4OG1WU1ZSVFhqWEFQdz09
Jul-14, 7 pm: How to be an MoAS- https://zoom.us/j/97305582895?pwd=MndsY1FBbTE3dXE3RkxBQjdSamh1dz09
Jul-15, 7 pm: Kitchen Sanitation for Feast Stewarts- https://zoom.us/j/91946170747?pwd=RW1LcnpSQXZwbE5NOEVsSTIwWlc4QT09


Jul-19, 9 pm: Waivers Waivers Waivers Everywhere- https://zoom.us/j/96225779235?pwd=VGZvdlM5cFIzUm1aelNqNC94S2tBUT09
Jul-20, 7 pm: Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers- https://zoom.us/j/95618597145?pwd=d1hIZFBTOUtqWmM1SmsrL0JrU1d6dz09
Jul-21, 7 pm: Peer Dependent Relationships & Communication- https://zoom.us/j/93917508333?pwd=blZrcjlBWFY2VmEzeVFRbXRSYWNIUT09
Jul-22, 7 pm: Minister of Youth – What is involved?- https://zoom.us/j/92577006379?pwd=a2VEUWNodWVHcU1PSkNMYjl5VlN6dz09


Jul-26, 3 pm: How to Run a Virtual Court- https://zoom.us/j/91843429066?pwd=cmRHUmp3MlA2YjdkVm1WNzB4ZEx3UT09
Jul-26, 7 pm: Hosting a Kingdom Level Event – https://zoom.us/j/96018739347?pwd=SnFjL0crY3lWNEpZb0dCaDZSOU1aQT09
Jul-27, 7 pm: Building teamwork: SCA Volunteers- https://zoom.us/j/94588195453?pwd=cVJvN3pWQ1Ewb3VvanFMeVljQlhtQT09
Jul-28, 7 pm: Exchequery Basics- Google Meet (no link yet)
Jul-29, 7 pm: Exchequery Reporting and Procedures- Google Meet (no link yet)