July Challenge: Pennsic Project

Time to start your Pennsic 49 project ! July is when we start that project we meant to work on for the last 10 months, the one we really want done for Pennsic. This year, we have more time to work…or perhaps, to procrastinate on that project. Beat the rush: start your Pennsic 49 project now!

To participate, start your Pennsic 49 project. You don’t have to finish, just get started. Take a picture, or type up some notes and share what you’ve started.

It doesn’t matter what your ‘project start’ involves: your first page of notes, an order for the fabric, your initial drawing of the thing, whatever. Just actually start it, and share it with us as comments on the Facebook event (https://www.facebook.com/events/691876191372876/), or email it to baronessangharad@gmail.com

We’re accepting posts through until Landgrab weekend (7/23/20).