Meeting minutes: 3-Jul-59


Push for Pennsic: July 12-14, Miami County Fairgrounds

Pennsic: July 26 – August 11


For the full list of Midrealm events, visit the kingdom calendar at


Guild & Officer announcements

Armorers:  no meeting this week due to the holiday

Arts & Sciences:  classes today – Hands-on Viking Hood Tutorial, with Noble Thory Vedardottir; and Garb Help Desk, with HL Lyonnete Vibert

Next week 7/10 – So, You’re Going To War, with HL Tarmach ben Yehuda al-Khazari

Exchequer:  we ask each person to donate $2/meeting, or $100/yr; if this is your 1st meeting, please be our guest

Garb-a-Thon: nothing this week

Musicians: Wednesday rehearsals @ 6:45 – 8pm, indoors or outside depending on weather

Needleworkers:  meeting Tuesday 6/25 at 6:30 at Critical Hit Games, knock on the back door for entry. Come and help work on tabards, bring a sewing machine if you can.


Meetings and Cleftlands’ Home Schedule

July 3, 10 – Normal Meetings

July 17 – Archery Tournament and Cookout at St. John (pending confirmation from the parish, weather, and other factors)

Normally, we would have a 4-week hiatus across Pennsic-time. Beginning this year there will be baronial meetings through this period, staffed by Meistara Thorhalla & the Home Fires crew.

  • July 24 – Our Baronial Knight Marshal will be on hand to oversee practice this week.
  • July 31 – Wednesday of Peace Week
  • August 7 – Wednesday of War Week
  • August 14 – Still a “Home Fires” special meeting

August 21 – Regular meetings resume this Wednesday.  Armored fighting resumes this week.

August 28 – Armored “Tournament of the Sword” and High Summer Solemnities (war pay, et al)


The Company of the Cleftlands at Pennsic:

Tuesday 30 July (Tuesday of Peace Week) – 10AM – Meet on the Battlefield for the raising of the Baronial Tent. Bring a hammer. (Penciled in – changes will be announced on Facebook)

Saturday 03 August – 8AM – Artillery Crews muster at Newbridge Encampment to walk the guns out for the Battle of LaRochelle (Castle, 9AM)

Saturday 03 August (Middle Weekend) – 5PM – Opening Ceremonies on the Battlefield. Any who wish to march with the Barony in the Midrealm procession, muster on the road outside MK Royal Encampment no later than 4PM.

Monday 05 August (War Week) – Noon – Rapier Company muster at the Camp of the Three Bears for a 12:30 march to the Rapier Town/Cathedral Battle (1PM)

Thursday 08 August (War Week) – 9:30AM – Archery Company muster at the Camp of the Three Bears for a 10AM march(ride) to the Archery Field. [This conflicts with the Armored Woods Battle]

Thursday 08 August – 6PM – Middle Kingdom Court in the MK Battlefield Tent. Arrive early, bring your own chairs.

Friday 09 August (War Week) – 9AM – Armored Company muster at the Camp of the Three Bears for a 9:30 march to the Armored Field Battle.

Friday 09 August – 4PM – Meet on the Battlefield to drop and fold the Baronial Tent.

 Come home prepared to share a tale or a boast of great deeds you witnessed at The War!


General announcements

Suggestion for our 8/21 post-Pennsic meeting – we start a new post-Pennsic Boast tradition and tell the barony of something that made Pennsic magical for you.


Our temporary meeting site for the summer (at least) is Ss. Robert and William Catholic Parish, at 367 E. 260th St., Euclid. Go to the school, not the church. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.  A brief business meeting is held at 8 p.m. We need to vacate the site between 9:30 and 10 p.m.


For updates, corrections or additions, contact Lady Katherin verch Rhys at or on Facebook (, Angela Reese).