Meeting Minutes: 12-Jun-59


NOWM report!

We had 440+ attendees at the event, about a quarter of which were registered in advance; Ser Nikolai is looking for suggestions on how we can boost advanced registration numbers even further next time.  From Cadfan – many thanks to all the staff & volunteers, along with everyone who came out and enjoyed the day; he’s already looking at ideas for next year…

Pennsic: mail-in preregistration has ended; online advanced registration ends this Friday 6/14!

For the full list of Midrealm events, visit the kingdom calendar at

Guild & Officer Announcements

Armorers:  meeting at regular time & place, see Baron Calum for details

Arts & Sciences:  class today – Event Planning Committee; next week – Pattern Drafting with HL Lyonnete Vibert

Demos:  the Scottish games are at the Berea fairgrounds on 6/22 – the sign up for free admission has ended.  For those who signed up, the Scottish Games will be sending you an email with your ticket info.  Setup is Friday 6/21 at 1pm; people are needed to pickup and transport the Baronial tents for setup.  Contact Lady Shahzada via email or through Facebook for more details.

Exchequer:  we ask each person to donate $2/meeting, or $100/yr; if this is your 1st meeting, please be our guest

Garb-a-Thon: Friday 6/ 14from 10-4 at Parma-Snow library, Room A

Makers: Pennsic is approaching quickly, if you have projects, come discuss them asap with Lord Gaius Macro Calvinus

Musicians: Wednesday rehearsals @ 6:45 – 8pm, indoors or outside depending on weather

Social Media: Mel will be collecting signatures from everyone on release forms for photos, to allow photos taken at meetings to be used on the Baronial social media pages.  Also, the new Midrealm Discord was released today, see link on the Midrealm Facebook page to join.

General Announcements

A&S activity summary:   Tonight we met to discuss event planning, specifically the next steps for putting together guidelines for event staff, and early plans for the 2025 Regular Event.  Anyone who is interested in learning more about what we’re doing and/or contributing their experiences as event staff, you can visit the Facebook group “Cleftlands Event Planning Group” or talk with Lady Katherin verch Rhys.

Chronicler is looking for deputies/reporters – contact Lady Katherin for details (see below)

Our temporary meeting site for the summer (at least) is Ss. Robert and William Catholic Parish, at 367 E. 260th St., Euclid. Go to the school, not the church. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.  A brief business meeting is held at 8 p.m. We need to vacate the site between 9:30 and 10 p.m.

For updates, corrections or additions, contact Lady Katherin verch Rhys at or on Facebook (, Angela Reese).