Congratulations Pietro and Aurelia!

Photograph by: Tarmach ben Yehuda al-Khazari

Greetings unto the populace of Cleftlands from Crispin and Gianna, fifth Baron and Baroness of Cleftlands. Their Royal Majesties Ullr and AnneLyse have carefully considered the words of the populace and have come to Their decision regarding the next Baronage of our lands, giving us leave to make the announcement. It is our great pleasure and honor to announce that the sixth Baron and Baroness of Cleftlands shall be Pietro da San Tebaldo and Aurelia Rosetti.

The investiture date has been set for April 9, 2022 (Anno Societatis LVI) at the Dressed to Kill Symposium and Baronial Investiture.

We wish to express our heartfelt thanks to all those who put forth their names to serve:  Aurelia and Pietro, Cadfan and Miriana, Dmitrii and Elizabethe, and Zofia. To have such fine candidates step forth is a testament to the strength and dedication within the Barony!.

Once again, congratulations to the newly selected Baron and Baroness. Please join us in supporting them as they transition into this new and exciting role!

Crispin and Gianna
Baron and Baroness of Cleftlands