Congratulations Sir Silverthorn, Rapier Champion!

Tournament prize created by the hands of Baron Crispin al-Rumi and Baroness Gianna Vettori in a 14th century style.

On Wednesday, November 20th, the Cleftlands lists were opened up to all rapier combatants to test their mettle in the annual tournament. Numerous inspired combatants stepped forth and took to the lists. When the flurry of steel, sweat, and distribution of carnations slowed and the last blows were counted, one rapier combatant emerged victorious.

Congratulations to Sir Silverthorn of Drachenmoor, inspired by Mistress Chai’usun of the Moritu, for winning the tournament and the tourney prize of a 14th century painted box and a set of ceramic cups with a pitcher.

In addition, the gallery chose to honor Lord Cynwrig ap Llywelyn with a brass bracelet from Raymond’s Quiet Press for expediently and graciously volunteering time and again to marshal when he was not actively fighting.

Finally, to those combatants who chose to newly authorize or renew/expand previous authorizations: Baron Stephan, Forester Gwyneth, Sergeant Njall, Lady Jaquelinne, Lord Darkstone, and Nzinga.


In addition to the rapier festivities, Lady Claricia de la Mere sponsored a friendly wagers table. Congratulations to Forester Gwyneth Cole and Lady Yashoda D’Albuquerque who won prizes after having their names drawn from the proverbial (fuzzy) hat after a small hiccup at the wagers table. All donations received were then donated to the local food pantry of Euclid.

Special thanks to our marshals: Lady Ragna stórráða Úlfsdóttir, Lord Labros of Vito’s Minions, and Lord Cynwrig ap Llywelyn; at the list table: Mistress Zuriel Nightshade and Baroness Birna Gunnlaugsdóttir with assistance from Sir Thorin Eikskjald and Captain Sirius; and to our many heralds throughout the night under the direction of Baroness Angharad ferch Tangwystl.

The list included:

  • Sir Lorimer MacAltin of the Garioch inspired by Gunnora de la Grève
  • Sir Silverthorn of Drachenmoor inspired by Mistress Chai’usun of the Moritu
  • Sir Thorin Eikskjald inspired by Lady Thora of the Cleftlands
  • Baron Stephan von Lübeck inspired by Nzinga of Cleftlands
  • Baroness Katrina Klein inspired by Lord Ursus
  • The Honorable Lord Pietro Nicolo da San Tebaldo inspired by Mistress Aurelia Rosetti
  • Forester Muldony McVriw inspired by Forester Gwyneth Cole
  • Forester Gwyneth Cole inspired by Forester Muldony McVriw
  • Warder Jao Veludo Alfonso d’Albuquerque inspired by Lady Yashoda D’Albuquerque
  • The Honorable Lord Badger Bagbane inspired by Lady Rosie Dubroc
  • Sergeant Njall Orkneyjarson inspired by Noble Wrin the Red
  • Lord Ladislaus Vulcu (Vlad) inspired by Lady Branwen filia Paynell
  • Lord Cynwrig ap Llywelyn inspired by Lady Maaicke van Zanten
  • Lord Donalbane of Blakmers inspired by Baroness Eadaoin Ghormshuileach
  • Lord Cadfan of Cleftlands inspired by Lady Miriana of Cleftlands and Glenn of Cleftlands
  • Lord Darkstone inspired by Willelmus
  • Lord Labros of Vito’s Minions inspired by Lady Ragna stórráða Úlfsdóttir
  • Lord Levi Athan of Cleftlands inspired by Santa Maria
  • Lady Jaquelinne de la Deicier inspired by Michael Rose
  • Lord Guy Durand inspired by Noble Aleese
  • Ginger Winterfield inspired by Lady Rose Summerfield
  • Nzinga of Cleftlands inspired by Baron Stephan von Lübeck
  • … and I’m missing 1! 🙂