Meeting Minutes: 4-Jan-51


  • Baronial Polls must be in the mail by Saturday. They’ve currently received about 13% of the polls: their Majesties would like to see 30% or so. Please remember, there was only one choice for the polling, but their Majesties are not so limited, so you need to provide them your input.
  • Auric has passed his role as Rapier Marshal to Velvet.
  • Bastian has passed his role as Knight Marshall to Thorin.
  • There will be a very short officer’s meeting next week (11-Jan) at 8:45 pm.
  • One of our duties with site now is to clear the garbage at the end of meeting, Please save plastic and effort by consolidating refuse to only one garbage can.


  • Troll is open and taking pre-registrations.
  • Rowan is organizing Lunch Tavern, and Fighter lunches. If you have time to help, please let her know.
  • Claricia: Feast Kitchen and Servers are also looking for assistance, so please come and play with knives and fire. If you’d like to make a Hero’s dish, please let her know.
  • Zsof and Dmitri are leading an event staff meeting at 8 next week (11-Jan). Many hands make light work, so please volunteer ahead, and on the day of the event. We’ll need many retainers to support the royalty attending, and we have two halls to changeover.


  • Exchequer, if you’d like to make your annual tithe, there will be 45 meetings this year. Let Bob know and he can provide a receipt you can use towards your taxes.
  • A&S Minister: Crispin wants to remind you that there’s still time to practice your class at Baronial meeting before the event. Or after.


Guilds are the special interest groups of the SCA: people working together to focus on a particular activity. Everyone is welcome to attend these meetings.

  • Woodworkers Guild will meet this Thursdays at 7 pm at Meinhard’s home in Parma. Please contact Meinhard at for information.
  • Armorer’s Guild will also meet this Thursdays at 7 pm, at Ealdred’s home in Berea. Please contact Calum at for information or directions.
  • Unofficial Fencing Practice meets on Sunday. Please contact Cynwrig for details
  • Scribes Guild will meet Monday (9-Jan) at Milesent and Edward’s home. Please contact her at for information and directions. Since there’s an event coming up, you will be able to learn from a lot of scribes working very quickly.
  • Leatherwork’s Guild will meet at Oliver’s at 7 pm on Tuesday. Please contact Oliver at or on Oliver Stillman on Facebook for directions and information.


  • Alda once again invites you to join in the 100 Days of A&S Challenge for 2017. She’s offering sheets and jars with which you document your work this year.


  • Calum
    • You have until Friday to make award recommendations for January event. Please make court more fun for yourself and your friends. Any one can make recommendations at
  • Constanza
    • Next Wednesday, all Armored combatants are invited to armor themselves in Maille. Come and show it off!