All Saints Day Revel

On October 25, the Barony of the Cleftlands celebrated the end of month with a gathering themed All Saints Day. Our many members arrived in saintly costumes, cleverly constructed masks, or in garb to revel the night away. The Cook’s Guild sponsored the subtlety challenge of disguised food and the cooks of the Cleftlands rose to the challenge, featuring several delectable and confusing dishes such as cracked eggs of chocolate and custard or the briefly-seen spider cookies! The Baroness’ gourd decorating challenge was met with several entries, from the chubby cheeked Jareth from Labyrinth to a 14th-century themed pumpkin decorated the pumpkin-headed saint.

Several contests for best costume and gourd were held with the following winners:

  • Best Saint – Wrin of Cleftlands for her depiction of Saint Hubertus
  • Populace Choice – Ginevra for her depiction of Saint Milburga
  • Baroness’ Choice – Sir Lorimer for his Yikebrandr, brother to Eikbrandr
  • Gourd, Baronial – Del
  • Gourd, Populace Choice – Jaquelinne
  • Gourd, Baroness’ Choice – Beatrix.

Special thanks to the revel staff: Æthelwynn Skerra Dimma, Claricia de la Mere, Eira Ylva, Gudrun Andresdottir, Jalen of Cleftlands, Jaromír Skjoldhund, and Rollo Eldström.

Highlights of the revel: