Congratulations Mistress Milesent and Archers!

On October 28th, the Marche of Tirnewydd hosted the event Red Dragon at a new site in Marysville, OH. Heeding the call to arms, the archers of the Cleftlands traveled en masse to the south to arch as well as compete in the William Tell shoot. The price of admission to this tourney was a donation of a canned good to benefit the Mid-Ohio Food Bank, and the prize a hand-crafted bow! Two of our archers, Lord Cadfan of Cleftlands and Lord Meinhard Hamemrschmidt were able to shoot the apple with a single arrow, but the contest went to Mistress Milesent Vibbert and her two!

Of special note, the Cleftlands archers mobilized and collected donations to purchase and present a sizable stack of donations for the food bank.