A&S Challenge: Lencten

March Challenge: Lencten
In Old English, the name for the season during which days lengthened was “Lencten” from the same proto-germanic root. The early English clearly saw the lengthening days as a time of preparation for the busy summer and harvest seasons to come. This year, more than most, our Lencten is a time of preparation.

For the March A&S challenge, please share what you are doing to prepare. Are you starting seeds indoors? Are you making plans to build a wood-fired oven? Are you fixing or preparing armor, augmenting your wardrobe, building back your fitness for combat? Are you making arrows, or taking classes, or making baskets? Let us know how you are using the light of these lengthening days.

Post your plans and work: whether in progress or finished, to the Cleftlands FB page or to me at moas@cleftlands.org.

Preparing to illuminate.