Congratulations Sirius of Cleftlands!

On Wednesday, April 25th, the Cleftlands lists were opened up to all armored combatants to test their mettle in the annual tournament. Numerous inspired combatants stepped forth and took to the lists. When the flurry of rattan, sweat, and dramatic deaths slowed and the last blows were counted, one armored combatant emerged victorious.

Congratulations to the Sargent Sirius of Cleftlands, inspired by Mistress Zuriel Nightshade, for winning the tournament and the tourney prize of a Mastermyr style oak chest designed by Lord Meinhard Hammerschmidt with hinges forged by Jason Nass of Hammer and Thistle Trading Company. Lady Bláár MacDougall was given honorable mention for her most amazing pirouette of death and Sir Thorin Eikskjald for winning the esteem of the gallery for his courtesy on the list.

In addition to the armored festivities, Lady Claricia de la Mere and Lady Jaquelinne de la Deicier sponsored a friendly wagers table. No one won the grand prize selecting the square with the final tournament combatants and the winner, so the wagers will carry through to the November rapier tournament later this year. It’s not too early to stock up on largess to bet with in the coming months! 😉

Special thanks to our marshals in charge, Sir Ulfr Forkbeard and Sargent Njall Orkneyjarson and our list mistresses, Duchess Runa Æikibrandskona and Mistress Zuriel Nightshade.

The list included:

  • Duke Laurelen Darskbane fighting for Duchess Ithriliel of Silverlake
  • Duke EikByrandr Solgafi fighting for Duchess Runa Æikibrandskona
  • Master Calum MacDhaibhidh fighting for Baroness Angharad ferch Tangwystl
  • Mistress Constanza de Mendoza fighting for Master Oliver Stillman
  • Sergeant Sirius of Cleftlands fighting for the Mistress Zuriel Nightshade
  • Lord Marellus Kilianus fighting for Lady Seonaid inghean Ghriogair
  • The Honorable Lord Muldony McVriw fighting for the Honorable Lady Gwyneth Cole
  • Syr Thorin Eikskjald fighting for Lady Thora
  • Lord Carl of Cleftlands fighting for Lady Eve of Cleftlands
  • Lord Urrich Nuremberger fighting for Lady Gwenllian Tarianlas
  • Lady Æthelwynn Skerra Dimma fighting for Lord Jaromír Skjoldhund
  • Lord Jaromír Skjoldhund fighting for Lady Æthelwynn Skerra Dimma
  • Lady Bláár MacDougall fighting for Lady Seraphina Mascherante
  • Fjalar fighting for Lady Gudrun Andresdottir
  • Dimitri Hansson fighting for Eira Ylva

Armored combatants and consorts include (left to right, standing): Calum, Angharad, Carl, Eve, Jaromir, Dmitrii, Gwyneth, Muldonny, Zuriel, Sirius, Runa, Eikbrandr, Oliver, Marellus, Seonaid, Fjallr, Seraphina, Gudrun, Urrich, (left to right, kneeling) Æthelwynn, Thorin, Eira, Gianna, Crispin, Constanza, Bláár. Photograph by Lady Ginevra Boscoli.