Cleftlands Meeting Site Moves Temporarily

The Cleftlands (Weekly) Meeting Site will temporarily relocate from March 20 to August 31 2024 due to construction at the current site. We will be moving to meet at their sister church’s school:

SS. Robert & William Catholic School
351 E 260th Street, Euclid, OH 44132

It’s on the same street as our current site (Richmond Rd becomes E 260th in Euclid), just 2.6 miles north, at the intersection of E 260th and Forestview Ave. They are giving us access to their gym, on the far north corner of the building, and two classrooms, as well as storage space for Iron Key, floor mats, and other items we currently store onsite. The gym is marked with a gold G in the map. They’ve asked us to use the closest entrance, which is circled in blue. The gym is approximately half the size of the one at St. Johns, as shown here.

They’ve also scheduled us in ‘The Grove’, a grassy area on the south-east corner of their lot, next to the playground, and equipped with several picnic tables. It is marked with a gold G in the map. They suggested this area for outdoor fighting, as it’d be more private than any other locations which would be right on E 260th Street.

They did say we could use the area directly outside the gym, on the north side. It’s right on E 260th, so they were thinking it would be too public for us. They apparently don’t use it for much.

 Indoors, we’ll have access to a room directly off the gym, on the old stage, which has tables and chairs for 30 to 40 people set up.

They’ve also offered a second classroom but are determining which one to find the one we will use. Throughout the spring, it will be a currently occupied classroom, so we’ll want to be careful about how it is used.

We’ll have a closet/utility room immediately off the gym in which to store our gear. It’s going to be a tight fit.