A&S Activities: Week of 27-Sept

eRUM: No kingdom-level classes this week, as we’re between “terms’ Next week starts the October term, with plenty of Performance related classes. Many of the teachers will look familiar!!

Wed, 7 pm: Lord Rojhan will present a class on the Cree Nation, their stories and mythology, and what those stories tell us about the world.

Wed, 30-Sept: The close of the Michaelmas Preserves Challenge: show us the foods and drinks you have preserved this month! See the Facebook event in the Cleftlands group to post your entries.

Thu, 8 pm: Cleftlands Armourers (and Schmoozers) will meet on Thursday at 7 pm via Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84704344487?pwd=UGJrZUxqNW5JQ05jeHBtYWdLQUl4QT09