Cleftlands Yule

On December 18, 2019, the Barony of the Cleftlands celebrated the end of the month, nay the end of the year, with a solstice themed revel highlighting the eternal ebb and flow of dark and light. Many of our members dressed the theme or dressed the season to celebrate. The snack table was laden with delicious treats, the gift exchange had many participants, and the table decorating challenge afforded a lovely array of holiday scenery. This year’s winner, Lady Æthelwynn Skerra Dimma was selected to create the high table decorations for the Cleftlands Regular Event held on February 29, 2020. One special aspect of this years revel was the anniversary of the Fight Me Laurel challenge between Lady Orsina della Luna and Master Milesent Vibert, neither of which had any musical experience before that time but each showcased their newfound skill of the lap harp and shwarm (an early-period double reeded musical instrument, similar to an oboe) respectively.

As always, special thanks to Lady Claricia de la Mere for orchestrating the revel and to all those who attended.

Photographs by: Lord Tarmach ben Yehuda al-Khazari.