Weekly Meeting Cancellation (March 14)

We have received word from our weekly meeting site that the building is still having repairs done and will therefore be closed again this Wednesday, March 14. This will be the last week that we are affected, as I have been assured that the site will be ready for us next Wednesday, March 21. Thank you for your continuing patience. The Needleworkers Guild Fabric Swap event that was to take place this Wednesday will instead occur next Wednesday.

If you miss your weekly SCA too much we recommend visiting Armorers Guild on Thursday for bangings and clangings. Contact Sir Calum for details or visit the Cleftlands calendar for further details. Also on Thursday is the weekly meeting in the Marche of Gwyntarian for both peaceful arts and for bashings and smashings. Please see their website for details at https://gwyntarian.midrealm.org/

In Service to the Barony,

Cadfan of Cleftlands