Meeting Minutes: 6-Jun-53


  • NOWM: 8 to 10-Jun.
    • If you’re heading to NOWM on Thursday or Friday, please check with Robert for the secrets of parking.
    • If you’re bringing food for the royalty lunch, please bring it to the Royalty Trailer.
    • Alessandro is organizing the Breakfast Tavern and could use donations of baked goods.
    • The Kingdom Archery Championship will be at NOWM at 11 am, the Regional ones at 1 pm.
    • Please carpool, as due to the rain, the hay has not been mown this year.
  • June Dessert Revel: 27-Jun
    • The theme will be “It’s Summer: Relax!”


  • A&S Minister, Runa: We have classes scheduled for meetings through June. There will be no classes during July and August. You can find the upcoming class listings on the Cleftlands website or on Facebook’s event calendar:
    • 13-Jun: Basic Spinning by Nadyezhda


Guilds are the special interest groups of the SCA: people working together to focus on a particular activity. Everyone is welcome to attend these meetings.

  • Armorer’s Guild meets at Ealdred and Clairiel’s home this Thursday. Please contact Calum at for information or directions.
  • The Chanter’s group will also be at Ealdred and Clariel’s making tabards for their performance at NOWM. Please come and help! Please contact Meridian at .
  • Unofficial Fencing Practice is on hiatus this Sunday due to NOWM. They meet again on 16-Jun. You can contact Cynwrig for details at
  • Archery Guild meets Monday around 5:30 pm. Please check the Baronial Facebook page for details, or contact Gwyneth.
  • Leatherwork’s Guild meets Tuesdays at Oliver’s at 7 pm . Please contact Oliver at or on Oliver Stillman on Facebook for directions and information.
  • Needleworkers will meet next on Tue, 12-Jun at Miriana’s home. They normally meet second and fourth Tuesdays. Details will be posted online, or you can contact Madelaine at
  • Cook’s Guild will be holding a ‘Cooking over Fire’ get together on Sun, 24-Jun: details to follow. Please check the Cleftlands Cooks Facebook page for details.
  • Equestrian Practice at Half Oaks Farm normally meets on Sundays, depending on weather. If you have questions, please contact Tina Layne or James Layne on Facebook.
  • Woodworker’s Guild is on indefinite hiatus due to life conflicts. If you’d like help with a project, please contact Meinhard directly at for directions or with questions.

Other Announcements

  • Sirius is is hosting a 2-man melee tournament on 13-June, the first meeting after NOWM, again with hand-made prizes. One knight per team.


  • There’s a high chance of rain at NOWM, but it should still be a fun and well-attended event with an interesting court.