Meeting Minutes: 22-Aug-53

Baron and Baroness

  • At Pennsic, we were glad to receive two new Laurels: Aurelia Rosetti, and Ísgerðr from the neighboring lands to the east.
  • There are still court reports to receive, but we know three Cleftlanders who received their Dragon Tooth’s at the final Battle: Calum, Artair, and Gunther.
  • The Oaken Unit received a Dragon’s Teeth after the Woods Battle
  • Many thanks to the many volunteers for Battlefield Hospitality including Angharad, Dorothea, Elinor, Martin, Orsinia, Orsinia’s parents, Wrin, Yshoda, Jaqueline, Colin, Njall, Birna, Sam, Colin, Alora, and others.
  • Cleftlands supplied many champions for the war:
    • Archery Champions: Cadfan, Garvin, Gladius, Gwyneth, and Muldonny
    • Unbelted Champions: Americk, Brice, Constanza, Muldonny, and Sirius.
    • Belted Champions: Eikbrandr, Silverthorne, Kjartan, Thorin, and Winfang.
    • Heroic Champions: Valharic
  • As always, September is a busy time. Upcoming activities include:
    • 1-Sep: Tournament of the Arts in Barony of the Flame.
    • 6-Sep: Demo for the East Cuyahoga County Genealogical Society.
    • 8-Sep: Harvest Days in Barony of the Flaming Gryphon
    • 15/16-Sep: Mapleside Demo
    • 22-Sep: Standard Bearers
    • 26-Sep: Newcomer’s Open House
    • 29-Sep: Coronation


  • Thu, 6-Sep at 7 pm. East Cuyahoga Geneoalogical Society is looking for a demo of an hour to an hour and a half about what we do. Eve is looking for artisans and fighters to display and discuss their activities: depending on space there may be actual fighting.
  • Sat, 15-Sep and Sun, 16-Sep will be Mapleside Demo. Artair has created a Facebook event online that you can follow to see what’s going on. This demo requires fighters, fencers, displays, dancers, artisans, and people who can talk to a crowd. It leads very nicely into the Newcomer’s Open House at the following Dessert Revel.


  • Sat, 22-Sep will be Standard Bearer’s at the Church of St William and Robert on E 260th street. Setup will be Saturday morning before the gate opens. Fighting and other activities will be downstairs, with an evening feast in the upper hall. Due to space restrictions, archery championships will need to be held elsewhere: date and location to be announced. .


  • A&S Minister, Runa: Classes! Please tell Runa if you’d like to teach, or provide suggestions about what you’d like to learn.
    • 29-Sep: Alda: Papermaking for Demos.
    • 29-Sep: Runa: Share your Pennsic Classes
    • 5-Sep: Dmitri; Vocal Projection
    • 12-Sep: Orsinia: Parrots in Period
    • Seeking someone who can teach basket or straw hat weaving. If you can, or know who might, please contact Runa.


Guilds are the special interest groups of the SCA: people working together to focus on a particular activity. Everyone is welcome to attend these meetings.

  • Armorer’s Guild meets at Ealdred and Clairiel’s home this Thursday. Please contact Calum at for information or directions.
  • Unofficial Fencing Practice will on hiatus until 9-Sep, when they will again meet Sunday’s around 7 pm. You can contact Cynwrig for details at
  • Equestrian Practice at Half Oaks Farm meets on Sundays, depending on weather. If you have questions, please contact Tina Layne or James Layne on Facebook.
  • Archery Guild meet this upcoming Monday starting around 5:30 pm. Please check the Baronial Facebook page for details, or contact Gwyneth.
  • Needleworkers Guilds next meets 11-Sep. They normally meet 2nd and 4th Tuesdays,around 7 pm. Details will be posted online, or you can contact Madelaine at The Baronial Banner project for Pennsic is proceeding well after the last meeting.
  • Leatherwork’s Guild meets Tuesdays at Oliver’s at 7 pm. Please contact Oliver at or on Oliver Stillman on Facebook for directions and information.
  • Gregorian Chant Choir will meet Wednesday at 7 pm at Baronial meetings. If interested, or even curious, please contact Meridian at no experience in chant or rehearsal is required.
  • Scribes Guild normally meets 7 pm on first Mondays at Brackenburye Cottage. Please contact Melisent at Grace@Case.Edu with any questions.
  • Woodworker’s Guild is on indefinite hiatus due to life conflicts. If you’d like help with a project, please contact Meinhard directly at for directions or with questions.