Meeting Minutes: 1-Feb-51


  • Gianna is reaching the end of her term as Seneschal and would like to step down before NOWM. If you are at all interested in the position, please talk to her about it.


  • General thanks to the Barony and everyone who helped make the event work from Zsof and Dmitri as Event Stewards.
  • Madelaine thanked those who helped to man the gate, and said we approximately 420 people attend.
  • Claricia thanked everyone who assisted with prepping, cooking, serving and clean up for the feast, and especially for those who prepared the nine (yes 9) Hero’s dishes.
  • Sadira (Rowan) thanked everyone who helped to make lunch possible after she broke herself last week, especially Artair, Birna, and Meinhard.
  • Sorcha thanked the instructors and attendees of all the well-attended classes.
  • Ginevra thanked Angharad for handling the Open Dance after she fell ill.
  • In a display of great discipline, Gianna ensured the thank you’s went quickly by reserving all applause was actually reserved to the end.


  • Colette has taken the Minister of Arts and Sciences position. Next week at meeting, Edward will be teaching a class on the A&S faires. The following week, Milesent will be teaching a class on research. At the March Dessert Revel, there will be a Scribal Arts show: please bring your scrolls off the wall to share with everyone.


Guilds are the special interest groups of the SCA: people working together to focus on a particular activity. Everyone is welcome to attend these meetings.

  • Woodworkers Guild meets this Thursday, 7-10 pm at Meinhard’s home. Please contact Meinhard at for directions or with questions. You can also check the Cleftlands Woodworkers Facebook page.
  • Armorer’s Guild will be meeting at Ealdred and Clariel’s home this Thursday, 7-10 pm . Please contact Calum at for information or directions.
  • Unofficial Fencing Practice meets this Sunday. Please contact Cynwrig for details
  • Scribe’s Guild will be meeting at Brackenburye Cottage this upcoming Monday. Please contact Melisent at for details or directions.
  • Leatherwork’s Guild will meet at Oliver’s at 7 pm on Tuesday. Please contact Oliver at or on Oliver Stillman on Facebook for directions and information.
  • Needleworkers will meet at Madelaine’s home next Tue. Contact Madelaine at if you have questions.
  • Please sign up with Angharad for the Siege Cookery Challenge, which will be held at the February Dessert Revel. Bags of supplies will be available in two weeks, giving you two weeks to prepare something amazing from the ingredient’s supplied.

Other SCA Announcements

  • Warder Marcos of Gwyntarian is taking over leadership for Cut and Thrust in the Northern Oaken region. He’s teaching at Gwyntarian meetings on the first Thursday of each month. He’s also meeting next Monday at the Battlezone Gym (sic) in Thistle to work with the new grappling rules for Cut and Thrust.

Baron & Baroness


  • Trigger authorized at the Regular event.
  • Avanger won the first round of the Ladder of Renown Tourney.
  • 30 Cleftlanders were called into Court to receive awards: please check the Baronial website for the announcements.


  • Thanked the staff of the Event.
  • The next Rapier Tourney will be at the February Dessert Revel.