Meeting Minutes: 6-Jan-50


  • Troll is open for Regular Event.
  • The Seneschal, Sabine, is still looking for artwork for the cover of the site flyer
  • Jolicia is asking for help in making ‘Faberge’ eggs for decorating the event the next two meetings. She’ll have Styrofoam eggs and some supplies. Please bring your own supplies and your interest to decorate them.


  • The Exchequer would like you to know that this is a good time to tithe for the year. He can provide receipts for tax purposes.
  • Rapier Marshal: Over the next few months, at the meeting before Dessert Revels, the regional Rapier Marshal will be coming to teach Cut & Thrust. If you have questions, please check with Auric or Cynwrig for information.
  • Iron Key: Please let Tariq know if you either have Iron Key items, or have armor items you’d like to donate to iron key.


  • Needleworkers will meet at Constanza’s home next Tuesday around 7 pm. Contact her for details at
  • Weekend A&S will begin meeting again on Sundays at Katerin’s home. Contact her for details at
  • Unofficial fencing practice is resuming this upcoming Sunday. Please contact Cynwrig for details at
  • Woodworkers will not meet tomorrow, but will begin meeting next Thursday’s at Meinhard’s.  Please contact him for details at
  • Armorer’s will be meeting at Ealdred’s garage tomorrow night. Please contact him at 440-243-1419 for details.
  • Syr Lorimer will be teaching a class on Basic English Country Dance at meeting next week.
  • If you are interested in participating in the Siege Cookery Challenge, please pick up your bag of Siege supplies at the next meeting from Angharad. If you want to ensure there is a bag, please notify her at The prepared dishes should be brought to the dessert revel on 27 Jan.


  • The Kingdom Seneschal has written a letter indicating that the guidelines that no events should be scheduled on the same day within 100-mile of each other will be more strictly enforced in the future. In fact, the Seneschal is considering expanding the rule to allow only one event per weekend in a region.  Please consider this when proposing events.
  • We are in the final few weeks of the Baron’s Travel Challenge: how many miles traveled since NOWM and before the Regular Event. Please keep track.
  • This weekend there are two equidistant kingdom events: Pentamere 12th Night and Flaming Gryphon Spirit of 12th Night. Check the Midrealm Calendar for details at
  • The Barons have issued an A&S challenge: to try something you have never done before and present it at the March Dessert Revel. Documentation is encouraged but not required. Check with them at meeting if you need more information.