Meeting Minutes: 13-Jan-50


  • Pre-registration for Regular Event is now open. Prereg to save $2 per person.
  • There are still two staff positions to fill: Breakfast Tavern Coordinator and Merchant Coordinator.
  • There will be a raffle for those who volunteer at the event. Please donate prizes for the Volunteer rafflle.
  • Still looking for prizes for the Rapier Tourneys.
  • At the Armored Tourney, being organized by James Layne, each entrant will bring a prize ‘appropriate to his rank’ starting around $20 value. At the end, the victor of the tourney will have first choice among the prizes, and so down the line. Everyone who fights will take a prize home.


  • The Regional Rapier Marshal will be here next week to lead a class in Cut and Thrust. Auric has extra helmets available for those who want to try it.
  • Arts and science reports are due next week. Please send a report of your activity for the last quarter to, or post it on Facebook.
  • Velvet is now an authorized Youth Rapier Marshall. He’ll be leading classes and training at meeting from 7-7:30 each week. Children between 8 and 14 years may participate—please contact him if you know someone who may be interested.


  • Woodworkers meets tomorrow (Jan 14) at Meinhard’s.  Please contact him for details at
  • Armorer’s Guild will be meeting at Ealdred’s garage tomorrow night. (Really, it’s fine. There’s a furnace!) Please contact him at 440-243-1419 for details.
  • Unofficial fencing practice is resuming this upcoming Sunday. Please contact Cynwrig for details at
  • Cooks’ Guild will meet upstairs next Wednesday to begin assembling the Scappi menus. Please bring index cards with your proposed recipes.
  • The entries to the Siege Cookery Challenge will be presented at the Jan 27 Dessert Revel.  Contact me if you’re interested in participating.
  • Ginevra is organizing carpooling and shared housing to Terpsichore at the Tower: a dance event the first weekend in March. Please contact her if you’re interesting in attending this Royal Progress event at


  • This weekend there are two events within a reasonable distance: Kingdom Twelth Night in Chicago and Andelcrag Winter Revel in Ionia, MI. Please check their website for all the activities.
  • The travel challenge is still in effect: counting miles traveled to and from SCA events between the last NOWM and the upcoming January Event. Travel lots to raise your miles.
  • The Barons have issued an A&S challenge: do something NEW to you, and present it at the March Dessert Revel. As always, documentation is admired but not required.
  • The Barony of Brendoken finds it has a surplus of ballistas and ammo, but a surfeit of siege engineers. If you are interesting in serving as a siege engineer, please contact them on Facebook, or ask Constanza for the Brendoken Siege Engineer contact.