Meeting Minutes: 15-Jun-51


  • July 6 meeting will be the Cleftlands SCA Yard Sale. Bring your items to sell or share.


  • Mapleside Demo is Sept 17-18, with set-up on Friday.


Guilds are the special interest groups of the SCA: people working together to focus on a particular activity. Everyone is welcome to attend these meetings.

  • Woodworkers Guild meets this Thursday, 7-10 pm at Meinhard’s home, but probably not next week. Please contact Meinhard at for directions or with questions. You can also check the Cleftlands Woodworkers Facebook page.
  • Armorer’s Guild will be meeting at Ealdred’ and Clariel’s home this Thursday, 7-10 pm . Please contact Calum at for information or directions.
  • Unofficial Fencing Practice meets this Sunday. Please contact Cynwrig for details
  • Cleftlands Equestrian Guild has no scheduled practices at this time. Please check the Facebook page to see what else is going on.
  • Needleworkers will be meeting next on June 24. Directions will be posted to Cleftlist and the Cleftlands Facebook page closer to the meeting, or contact Madelaine at
  • East side archery practice meets next Tuesday starting at 5:30 at the home of Gwyneth and Muldonney. Check the Facebook page for details. Donations will be used to replace archery butts, foam, and targets. Loaner equipment is available.
  • Cleftlands Cooks will meet on Sunday 6/26 at 1 pm at the strawberry Lane Picnic Shelter in the North Chagrin MetroPark Reservation to cook with fire. Anything from barbecuing, to using a ceramic skillet over coals, to making steam or dutch oven bread. Bring your ideas or your questions.


  • If any combatant would like a new baronial tabard to fight in at Pennsic this year, please notify Madelaine or Constanza by end of meeting next week (6/22) to allow time to have them made.
  • June Dessert Revel will be the next Cleftlands Rapier Tourney to occur outside, if possible.
  • We’re still looking for someone to transport the Cleftlands Baronial Tent to Pennsic to shade the heavy combatants on the field.
  • At Standard Bearers, the A&S theme will be “Of the Cleftlands” – please be prepared to explain how your entry is about the Cleftlands or a member of the Cleftlands.