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Time Classroom 1 Classroom 2 Classroom 3 Classroom 4 Artisans Row
12 Making Your Own Garment Patterns @ The Tailor’s Workshop
1 Anglo Saxon Embroidery Epay System Training Flax to Linen Turk’s Head Knot Viking Above Ground Fire Pit

Hand-Sewing Basics @ The Tailor’s Workshop

2 Chatelaine Roundtable Being the Exchequer and What It Means Intro to Embroidery (2 Hours)  How Not to Make a Gothic Fitted Dress Sewing Circle (Open for Guests) @ The Tailor’s Workshop
3 Medieval Surgery 102 10 SCA Songs to Sing Around the Campfire  Senechal Meet and Greet Buttons and Buttonholes @ The Tailor’s Workshop

Class Descriptions

  • 10 Songs to Sing Around the Campfire-1In this class you’ll learn 10 of the best and most well-known SCA songs to sing around the fire. Handouts provided (no fee). No age restriction. [Instructor: Mistress Zsof and friends]
  • Anglo Saxon Embroidery/Bayeux Tapestry Stitch – This is an hour long class studying embroidery of Anglo Saxon England and learning a few of the stitches of the time period, namely the Bayeux Tapestry stitch. Handouts and materials will be provided for 6 people. Please no children under 16. [Instructor: Lady Dulcia Wylde]
  • Buttons and Buttonholes – Essential for most late medieval sewing, the fabric button and the hand-sewn buttonhole are skills that are worth the effort to master. Come learn my methods in this hands-on class. [Instructor: The Honorable Lady Edyth Miller; Where: Artisans Row]
  • Chatelaine Roundtable – A discussion on being a Chatelaine. If you are currently a Chatelaine or would like to be, learn what a great part a Chatelaine has in recruiting and helping new members. Bring any ideas that you may have [Instructor: Lady Jolicia atte Northclyfe]
  • Epay System Training – Required training to use the Midrealm Epay System. The group Exchequer and Reservationist must take this training before using the system to accept credit card payments for an event. [Instructor: Lady Alays de la Salle]
  • Exchequer and What it Means – The position of exchequer can be daunting and a little confusing. This class will review the procedures for becoming an exchequer and what to do afterwards. We will review the handbook and kingdom financial policies as well as go over reports and deadlines and procedures for day to day handling of group funds. This class counts for the exchequer warranting requirements. Please bring your laptops with downloaded copies of the MK financial policies and SCA Local Exchequer handbook or printed copies of each. [Instructor: The Honorable Lady Kateline Elliot, Middle Kingdom Exchequer]
  • Flax to Linen – Clothing grows out of the ground, some assembly required. It’s said that a handmade linen shirt requires a acre of land and 400 hours of labor from seed to shirt. Learn how Flax is grown, harvested, and processed into thread. (Messy, but dry) No handout yet. [Instructor: The Honorable Lord Brendan O Corraidhe]
  • Hand Sewing Basics – In this hands-on class, I’ll talk about the common hand stitches, how to use them, what to look for to maintain quality, and how to finish your garments so that your hard work lasts. [Instructor: The Honorable Lady Edyth Miller; Where: Artisans Row]
  • How Not to Make a Gothic Fitted Dress – A discussion of some pitfalls that can be encountered when making this popular style, and how to avoid them.
    [Instructor: Lady Katerin ferch Gwenllian]
  • Intro to Embroidery – Using Mistress Ealasaid nic Suibhne of Atenveldt’s handout, this hands on class will go over the following stitches: stem or outline stitch, split stitch, running & double running stitch, chain stitch, surface and underside couching, brick/long and short stitch, satin stitch and Bayeaux stitch, also know as laid work. A brief discussion of each stitch and applications will be reviewed. Maximum of 10 kits will be available, but any number may audit the class. Limited handouts will be available. If the student wishes to keep the kit, the cost is $5.00. Youth 12+ accompanied by parent or guardian are welcome. [Instructor: The Honorable Lady Jerusha a’Laon.]
  • Making Your Own Garment Patterns – Ready to start making custom-fit clothing but not sure how to get started? It’s all in the pattern! We’ll look at the methods you can use to create your own medieval pattern, including the “draping” method for creating tight-fitting garments, like the doublet and cotehardie. [Instructor: The Honorable Lady Edyth Miller; Where: Artisans Row]
  • Medieval Surgery 102 – This class is a continuation of a three part series on medieval surgery. In this class you will learn how some of the surgical tools were used and why. There will be a display of some of the tools used and yes, you can touch them. Handouts will be provided. [Instructor: Baroness Colette du Pré]
  • Senechal Meet and Greet:  Meet your fellow local senechals [Instructor: The Honorable Lord Rickard de Als, Northern Oaken Regional Senechal]
  • Sewing Circle (Open for Guests) – Looking for a nice, comfortable place to work on your sewing, embroidery, weaving, or other textile project for a bit? The workshop is here for you! I’ll be on hand for informal instruction if you have specific questions about medieval garment making. [Instructor: The Honorable Lady Edyth Miller; Where: Artisans Row]
  • Turk’s Head Knot – Turk’s head knots look like a braided continuous loop of cord, thread or leather and have been used for centuries as decoration. They were commonly used to cover the tops of tassels, but were also used to embellish drawstring, purses, pillows and were even used as beads. Learn how to make 2 different sizes of Turk’s head knots and how they can be manipulated into knotted bead or a braided bracelet. Cord will be provided and lacing needles available for+ use. Ages 13+. No fee. [Instructor: Rosie Dubroc]
  • Viking Above Ground Fire Pit : How to Make a Viking Stove and Cook Your Own Bread – In this class you will learn how to construct and assemble an above ground Viking stove/fire-pit and learn how to cook on it by making your own Viking bread. The class will be the 1 hour condensed version due to time constraints from start to finish. This is a 100% class participation project and will be held outside so appropriate attire for cooking over a fire is mandatory. There will be a cost of $3.00 per person for printed stove/fire-pit plans with assembly instructions and printed Viking bread ingredients and cooking utensils so those interested can cook and snack on your own Viking bread that you made. [Instructor: Lady Ayla Volquin].

Class Coordinator

Baroness Colette du Pré