• Annikas Dungeon – Chainmail jewelry.
  • Celtic Wolf – Damascus and plain steel knives, drinking horns, carved jade and jasper, etc.
  • Fancy as Fin – Embroidered hoods and tunics, leg wraps, and wooden feast gear. [Website]
  • Field of Honour Armor – Waxed leather armor, chain maile armor, leather pouches, belts, leather shoulder sacks, hand made books, and some hand ground jewlrey. Then a smattering of other assorted leather items.
  • Gwen Erin Natural Fibers – Spinning fiber, handspun yarn, spindles, looms, and fiber tools. [Website]
  • Munitions Grade Arms – Rattan, fiberglass spears, thrusting tips, hilts, and armor. [Website]
  • North Star Armoury – A fine selection of books and jewelry. [Website]
  • Oak Shackle Forge Trading Company – Traditional ironwork, dollies, beeswax candles and soap. Focusing mainly on the Viking era (800-1000) with demonstrations throughout the day. [Website]
  • Stone, Wire, Art & Gems – Functional art! Jewelry, hair accessories, eating utensils, and ornamental decor made with stone,w ire,gems and crystals. [Website]
  • Taranis Works – Leather goods for all of your casual and combative recreation needs! [Website]
  • The Artful Cricket – All natural, free-hand henna body art, henna-themed hand ornamented crafts, apparel, and accessories. [Website]
  • The Mad Hatter – Period hats, hoods, games, and feast baskets.
  • The Scented Peacock – The Scented Peacock offers perfumes, spa products, and home care items drawn from period sources. Everything is hand made. Source materials range from the Ebers Papyrus (500 BC) to The Tiloette of Flora (1620).
  • UnCommon Clay – Handmade pottery, feast gear, outdoor cooking gear, lighting, and raw alpaca fleece. [Website]
  • W.A.L.E & Author Cas Miller – Personalized gifts of all kinds. Wood, stone, and more. Local author Cas Miller’s books. She will be on site to sign them! [Website|Website]
  • Wandering Wood – Carved and decorated wooden objects with a Medieval theme including Cookie and silicone molds, hand mirrors and plaques. Machine embroidery patches an completed belt favors.

Merchanting at NOWM

If you would like to merchant at NOWM, please consult the Merchanting at NOWM guidelines.