Meeting Minutes: 20-Jun-53

Seneschal: No updates

Demos: No updates

Events: No more receipts accepted for NOWM—thank you for your donations


  • A&S Minister, Runa: We have classes scheduled for meetings through June. There will be no classes during July and August.
    • 27-Jun: Medieval Sword and Buckler with Sir Krisztian.
    • Please submit class suggestions for September.


Guilds are the special interest groups of the SCA: people working together to focus on a particular activity. Everyone is welcome to attend these meetings.

  • Armorer’s Guild meets at Ealdred and Clairiel’s home this Thursday. Please contact Calum at for information or directions.
  • Unofficial Fencing Practice will meet this Sunday around 7 pm. You can contact Cynwrig for details at
  • Cook’s Guild Cooking over Fire, this Sunday, 24-Jun, 10 am. Contact Angharad at for further information, or check the event at the Baronial Facebook page.
  • Equestrian Practice at Half Oaks Farm meets on Sundays, depending on weather. If you have questions, please contact Tina Layne or James Layne on Facebook.
  • Archery Guild will meet on Mondays starting around 5:30 pm. Please check the Baronial Facebook page for details, or contact Gwyneth.
  • Needleworkers Guilds meets to work on war banner projects this upcoming Tuesday, 26-Jun, 6:30 pm at Madelaine’s home. Details will be posted online, or you can contact Madelaine at
  • Leatherwork’s Guild meets Tuesdays at Oliver’s at 7 pm. Please contact Oliver at or on Oliver Stillman on Facebook for directions and information.
  • Gregorian Chant Choir is being led by Meridian at Baronial meetings. Please contact her if no experience in chant or rehearsal is required. She’s preparing for NOWM.
  • Scribes Guild meets 7 pm on first Mondays at Brackenburye Cottage. Please contact Melisent at Grace@Case.Edu with any questions.
  • Woodworker’s Guild is on indefinite hiatus due to life conflicts. If you’d like help with a project, please contact Meinhard directly at for directions or with questions.

Baron and Baroness

  • Baron Wars is this upcoming weekend in Toledo, and Brawl at the Crooked Dragon Inn the following Saturday in Falcon’s Quarry.
  • Don’t forget that there’s still time to make award recommendations for Pennsic.
  • Schedule for Pennsic Baronial Musters has not been set, as some of the battle schedules are still unclear. They will be shared as soon as final.
  • HIs Majesty will be exacting a war tax on the baronies of the Kingdom, to include:
    • Benches for Midrealm Royal. Pietro and Crispin will be organizing this work, if you’d like to contribute.
    • Booze (libations) for our allies, Aethelmearc. Zuriel is organizing this gift, please contact her if you’d like to provide items.
    • Banners. Elizabeth is organizing this work.
    • Bodies: Each Barony is asked to contribute 1 or 2 people at least to assist with resetting the field after each battle to prepare for the next. Ulfr will be organizing this group.