Meeting Minutes: 13-Jul-51


  • Next week is the last meeting before Pennsic. Westsiders should consider the effect of the RNC on traffic in their plans.
  • Standard Bearers is 8/20 at Julianne and Llewellyn’s home. Help will be needed to raise the Baronial tent for the even on 8/19 at 6 pm. Food will be provided.
  • Our next Baronial meeting is 8/24.


  • Mapleside Demo is still occurring in September.Contact Artair for details.


  • Iron Key: Please let Sargent Tariq know if you have Iron Key (loaner armor) items at this time, or would like to donate items for Iron Key.


    • Woodworkers Guild meets this Thursday, 7-10 pm at Meinhard’s home. Please contact Meinhard at for directions or with questions. You can also check the Cleftlands Woodworkers Facebook page.
    • Unofficial Fencing practice meets this Sunday and next Sunday. Please check with Cynwrig for info at

Armorer Guild will be meeting at Ealdred’ and Clariel’s home this Thursday, 7-10 pm . Please contact Calum at for information or directions.

Other Announcements

  • Battlefield Hospitality is still looking for volunteers. For info or to volunteer, please respond to the Facebook post or contact Angharad at


  • Pennsic
    • Tent setup will be Tue, 2-Aug at noon; tear-down immediately after the Rapier field battle (3 pm) on Fri, 12-Aug. Fighters and others are invited to help with setup and take down.
    • Archery Muster will be before the first day of the Populace Shoot: Sun 7-Aug. Please meet at 10 am at The Camp of the Three Bears to march out together.
    • Rapier Muster will be before the Stronghold Battle. Meet at The Camp of the Three Bears around 12:30 on Tue, 9-Aug. (The muster will be immediately after the morning’s Armored Battle.)
    • Armored Battle Unit Muster will be before the Field Battle. Meet at the Camp of the Three Bears at 9 am on Friday, 12 to march together to the Battlefield.
    • Midrealm Royal Encampment is looking for volunteers for many activities including gate guards. Sign up online to get the best shifts.
  • Baron Calum:
    • Cleftlands provided 5 of the 45 members of the Unbelted Champions Team: Ivan, Sirius, Avanger, Bastian, and Gaius.
    • Cleftlands provided 8 members of the Belted Champions team, Sirs: Eikbrandr, Nickolai, Alaric, Kjartan, Radagasius, Silverthorn, Ulfr, and Wigthegn.
    • Velvet is serving on the Rapier Champions team.
    • Moll Sotherdon is representing the Midrealm at the A&S War Point.
  • Baroness Constanza:
    • This year’s Nebbles Game.
      • Every participating camp will receive one white and one blue nebble, each worth 1 point. There’s also a red nebble, worth 5 points. The game starts noon on Monday of Peace Week and ends on midnight of the final Friday. Bring or send the nebble to Standard Bearer’s for the final accounting and determining the winning camp.
      • The nebbles must be in plain site and in a public area. Once the nebble is stolen, a camp member can demand the nebble back by addressing the thief by their SCA name. Once the thief has reached safety in another camp, the nebble is stolen, and will need to be stolen back. Chasing a thief is OK, but no grappling, tackling, or manhandling is acceptable.