Meeting Notes: 23-Sep-50


  • Coronation is this Saturday. Set up will start at 6 pm at the Central Catholic HS. Please come and help out.
  • Parking is at a premium this weekend. Please consider carpooling.
  • An anonymous patron has pre-registered one newcomer. If Coronation is your first SCA activity, please let Troll know: the registration will be given to the first newcomer to ask.


  • Woodworkers Guild: Not meeting tomorrow.
  • Heavy Combat Guild: At Coronation, there will be a Pole Axe Tourney with matched poleaxes being provided. The rules for both this and the Sword and Buckler tourney will be taken from period tourneys.
  • Equestrian Guild: Not meeting on Sunday.
  • Unofficial Fencing Practice: Not meeting this Sunday.
  • Needleworkers will be meeting at Baronial meeting next Wednesday to work on finger puppets intended as largesse for children.

Baron & Baroness

  • Please help with Coronation: Many hands make light work.
  • Next Wednesday is Dessert Revel, and the next Cleftlands Rapier Tourney. Nikolai (aka ‘some Russian dude’) could potentially be the first person to successfully defend his possession of the Cleftlands sword, unless he is successfully opposed.
  • Baronial Court:
  • Artair was invited up to present his thanks to all those people who made the Mapleside Demo successful. He asks everyone to share with him ideas to make future demos there more fun for ourselves or for the attendees.
  • Colette and Gwen presented to the Barony, in honor of once again being the home of the Midrealm Royalty, seven banners of previous Cleftlands royalty, done in the style of the Codex Manesse. The eight for Emrys will be presented later. Those who worked on the banners are Milesent and Edward, James and Gwen, Rannvieg and Eskill, Sorcha, Elizabetta and Thomas, and Colette and Farthegn. The banners even come with stands!

Their Highnesses

  • Nikolai and Serena both presented their thanks for all the work going into Coronation. They may be too confused and distracted on Saturday, so they wanted to present their thanks now.
  • Midrealm Court
    • Prince Nikolai and Princess Serena presented to Lady Gwynedd Cole her Award of Arms for her work in leatherwork, blackmithing, sewing and her support of archery within the Barony.