Meeting Minutes: 06-Dec-58


New Iron Key Minister: Lord Trygger is stepping down at the end of December; his replacement is Eofor (Paul).

There is no baronial meeting on Dec. 27. Meetings resume Jan. 3.


Yule Revel, Dec. 20: There will be dancing and games. Help is needed with decorations. Lady Claricia and Dagny (January) are organizing the revel. There will be a Not a Cookie Exchange, which works this way: If you bring five (or any number) of an item, you can take 5 (or a number equaling what you brought) gifts home. Ask MOAS Dame Elizabeth for details on the Not a Cookie Exchange.

Jan. 31: Mid-Winter Solemnities. There will be a baronial court and feast. A baronial “census” will be held, and baronial officers will be recognized. See our baron and baroness Pietro and Aurelia for details.

Noblesse Largesse: This is the barony’s “Secret Santa” which gives you the opportunity to make something cool for a fellow Baronial member. Participants will be asked to fill out a survey to help their artisan create something unique for them. The deadline for signing up has passed. The Largesse exchange will occur on Jan. 31 (changed from Dec. 20). Contact Mistress Thorhalla for details.

See below for a full list of 2024 revels.


April 13: Standard Bearers at Sts. Robert and William Church in Euclid. This event may be combined with the Northern Oaken Regional A&S Fair. Event stewards are Lord Tarmach, Lady Ginevera and Sir Crispin.

May 18: Fletchings of Spring. The baronial archery championship will be held at this event (not Standard Bearers). Event steward is Lord Tarmach.

Sept. 28: Midrealm Fall Coronation. THL Jolicia, Lady Jaquelinne and Lady Lupa are event stewards.


Exchequer: Dressed to Kill made a small profit, and attracted 123 guests. See our exchequer Robert for details.

Youth Officer: The children’s puppet show, originally planned for Yule Revel, has been reschedule to the January Dessert Revel. Please see Lady Chaiya for details.

Armored combat marshal: Mistress Constanza is stepping down in March. There is an application on the baronial website, and talk to her to learn more.

Chronicler: THL Jolicia is stepping down in March. There is an application on the baronial website, and talk to her to learn more.

MOAS: See the baronial calendar ( or the baronial Facebook page for details on upcoming classes. See MOAS Mistress Elizabeth if you want to teach or request a class.


Cooks Guild: The December challenge is making a food that looks like a holiday ornament. See Lady Dorothea to learn more.

Needleworkers Guild: Meetings held at Critical Hit gaming store in Cleveland Heights on the second and fourth Tuesdays at 6:30. See Lady Miriana to learn more.

Armorers Guild:  Meetings are held on most Thursdays. The host requires that participants be fully vaccinated for COVID-19. See Baron Calum for details.

Garb-a-Thons: Check the baronial Google calendar for details See Mistress Thorhalla, Lady Gianna and Lady Chaiya for details.


Dec. 9: Yule Feast (Toledo)

Jan. 13: Twelfth Night in the Middle Marches (Delaware)

Jan. 27: Winter Wassail (near Youngstown)

Feb. 24: Masque of Courtly Love (Akron)

See a full list of upcoming Midrealm events here:


Feb.: A&S Display

March: Martial Madness

April: Armored Tourney

May: Swap meet and cookout?

June: Archery Tourney

July: TBD

Aug.: Summer Solemnities

Sept.: TBD

Oct.: Halloween/Masque Revel

Nov.: Fencing Tourney

Dec.: Yule Revel


Exchequer: Members are asked to donate $2 per meeting, or $100 per year, to cover the cost of the meeting hall rental.

Quartermaster: The quartermaster must be notified at least two weeks in advance if a member wishes to borrow baronial gear.

Baronial meetings: Set-up starts at 6:30 p.m. and activities start at 7 p.m. A brief business meeting is held at 8:15 p.m.

For updates, corrections or additions, contact THL Jolicia atte Northclyfe at or on Facebook (Julie Washington).