Polling for the Next Baronage of the Cleftlands

Hello again all,

Polling day is here! The poll to give your thoughts on the next Baronage of the Cleftlands is now live. Please go to this link to read the candidates’ letters of intent and, when you are ready, fill out the poll:

Baronial Polling

  • The poll will be open until 11:59 pm on February 23. No submissions can be accepted after that time, as all the responses will be sent to Their Majesties for review and Their final decision.
  • Only one submission from each person will be counted, and yes, they do check.
  • If you reside in the official area of the Cleftlands, which is Cuyahoga County, you would fill out the Resident poll.
  • If you live outside of that area, you would fill out the Non-Resident poll, even if you consider Cleftlands to be your home group.
  • All comments and polls are read – so if you do consider Cleftlands as your home group, please say so in your comments! That will weigh in when considering the feedback.
  • If you would like to fill the poll out on paper, you can request the PDF and I will send it to you so that you can print and mail at your leisure. We keep track of the requests to try to make sure all the paper ballots are received. Just make sure it is postmarked by the 23rd!
  • There will be sessions with the candidates to get to know them better. The first will be recorded and released asap after February 6, and the second will be a live discussion held via Zoom on February 16.
  • After the poll is complete, Their Majesties may review and make their decision at their leisure. The decision will be announced, and the new Coronet will be invested at our April 9 event.
  • This whole process is done in collaboration with a Kingdom officer, so everything has been overseen by them to make sure we are acting in accordance with rules and best practices. That will continue to be done throughout the rest of the process. In case you were wondering where all these rules and recommendations come from, there’s an officer for that! 😉

If you have any questions, let me know.

Thank you!