Meeting Schedule Update (February 2022)

Here is the latest and not-so-greatest news on in-person meetings. The officers met on Thursday evening  and the decision was that, while numbers are trending down, they are not DOWN yet. Seeing the examples set by other Kingdom events, we are going to keep in-person meetings on hold until at least February 23.
The officer team will meet again on February 9 to confirm if things are in a good place to go forward.
Please adjust your calendars to show that the next in-person meeting is currently planned for February 23.
I will work with the candidates for Baron/Baroness to set up round table sessions, but any such sessions will be virtual due to timing (the Baronial poll will end on February 23). Details TBD.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Stay safe, stay warm!
Thanks to everyone,
Claricia de la Mere