Meeting Minutes: 9-Nov-57


There will be no meetings on Nov. 23, Dec. 21 and Dec. 28 due to the holidays. Meetings will resume Jan. 4.


Nov. 30: Baronial Fencing Tournament. Each combatant will need a person to be their inspiration. See rapier marshal Lord Reinhardt mit dem Bart for details.

Dec. 14: Yule Revel. Activities include: dancing, caroling (music will be supplied to anyone wishing to sing some seasonal tunes) and treats to share. Bring site tokens to decorate a Yule tree.

“Cookie” Exchange: Like a cookie exchange, bring one or more entries, equivalent in effort and/or expense to a dozen cookies (around $5). For every entry you bring, you take one entry home. So, if you bring a dozen felt sewing kits, you could take home a dozen items from other people. Entries could include: A dozen cookies (because cookies are always good). A small fruitcake. A pair of beeswax candles. A stamped draw string bag. A linen napkin. Or anything else you can think of that people may appreciate. Items should arrive by 7 p.m. to be set up in the viewing area. We’ll start the selection of items to take home around 8:30.

(Note: We don’t expect every person to do every activity. It’s fine to just socialize!)

BARON AND BARONESS: Master Milesent Vibert has issued a Marathon of Illumination challenge to Sergeant Tariq al Sanna Af Fjall. He must complete one illumination in the style of the Codex Manesse for each of the baronies of the Middle Kingdom. He has two weeks to complete each illumination.


(Emails for all officers are listed on the officers page of the baronial website.)

Minster of Arts and Sciences: A group will take a docent-led tour of an exhibit, “Tales of the City: Drawing in the Netherlands from Bosch to Bruegel” at the Cleveland Museum of Art on Sunday, Nov. 27. Tickets are free but registration is required. See MOAS Mistress Angharad for details and to let her know you are coming.

See MOAS Mistress Angharad for details.

Check the baronial calendar on the website for details on upcoming classes.


Equestrian Guild: The guild will meet at 2 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 6, at its accustomed place. See the baronial Facebook page for details.

Armorers Guild: This guild meets most Thursdays in Berea. The host requires that participants be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 to attend. See Baron Calum for details.


Nov. 11: Golden Dream – Barony of Northwoods 50th Anniversary, Brighton MI

Nov. 12: Royal University of the Midrealm, Fairborn OH

Nov. 12: Bardic Madness, Lake Villa, IL

Dec. 10: Yule Feast, Toledo OH

Jan. 7: Twelfth Night in the Middle Marches, Delaware OH

See a full list of upcoming Midrealm events here:


No more masks: As of Dec. 1, there will be no mask requirements or contact tracing in any Kingdom of the SCA.

Exchequer: Members are asked to donate $2 per meeting, or $50 per year, to cover the cost of the meeting hall rental.

Quartermaster: The quartermaster must be notified at least two weeks in advance if a member wishes to borrow baronial gear.

Baronial meetings: Set-up starts at 6:30 p.m. and the meeting starts at 7 p.m. We must vacate the building before 10 p.m.

For updates, corrections or additions, contact THL Jolicia atte Northclyfe at or on Facebook.