Meeting Minutes: 6-Jul-57


Baronial property inventory deadline: Sunday, July 31, is the deadline to turn in paperwork pertaining to the baronial property inventory. Members holding baronial property must sign a contract, per the SCA Board of Directors. This does not include officer regalia or items stored at the meeting site. Contact our seneschal, Lady Claricia.

Pennsic Break: The last baronial meeting before Pennsic will be July 20. We will resume meetings on Aug. 24. See below for more Pennsic-related announcements.


There will be no dessert revel in July.

The Aug. 31 revel will be an ice cream social. Everyone who attended Pennsic is encouraged to bring class handouts to share. Bring lawn chairs.

THL Jolicia atte Northclyfe is organizing supplies of plates, napkins, serving and eating utensils, etc., that will be stored at the meeting site for the group’s use at dessert revels. Please contact her if you have items to donate.


(Emails for all officers are listed on the officers page of the baronial website.)


COVID-19 POLICIES: Attendees are expected to bring their own water (no more communal water coolers) and masks. If COVID rates go up, stricter rules will be put in place. Please see the “COVID” section of the Pennsic website, on the main page, for details.

Nebble Hunt: The Nebble Hunt – in which Cleftlanders hide Nebbles in their camps and steal other people’s Nebbles – will happen this year at Pennsic. See Baron Pietro and Baroness Aurelia to sign up your camp and get the rules. Bragging rights are up for grabs!

War Points: War Points can be earned for doing service, as well as teaching and attending classes. Populace War Points are tallied and can help Midrealm prevail over the East Kingdom. See for details.

Awards: There is still time to recommend Cleftlands for awards to be given out at Midrealm court at Pennsic. See our Seneschal, Lady Claricia, for details on how to do that.

Pennsic 50 History Display: Mistress Elizabeth is in charge of the Pennsic 50 History Display, happening next year. See her to volunteer or for more information.


Makers Guild: There will be a Cleftlands Makers Day from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, July 9 at the Makers’ Lab at Lorain County Community College. SCA-themed medallions and decals will be made. Vinyl will be available for purchase; bring a flash drive. See Lord Rayner for details.

Armorers Guild: This guild meets most Thursdays in Berea. The host requires that participants be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 to attend. See Baron Calum for details.

Archery Guild: Practice sessions are being held on some Sundays from 4-6 p.m. in Richmond Heights. Participants must be fully vaccinated. See Forester Cadfan for details.


See a full list of upcoming Midrealm events here:


Exchequer: We ask members to donate $2 per meeting, or $50 per year, to cover the cost of the meeting hall rental. The rent has increased over the years, and we had to pay for the entire month during the period when meetings were twice a month.

 Quartermaster: The quartermaster must be notified at least two weeks in advance if a member wishes to borrow baronial gear.

 COVID-19 and Baronial meetings: Meetings will be held weekly for the foreseeable future. We will move outside when the weather permits; bring lawn chairs. Set-up starts at 6:30 p.m. and the meeting starts at 7 p.m. Masks are required indoors for all Cleftlands meetings and Midrealm SCA activities.

For updates, corrections or additions, contact THL Jolicia atte Northclyfe at or on Facebook.