Pennsic War 49 Postponed

Greetings unto the populace (and friends) of the Barony of the Cleftlands. As many different sources have been reporting, We would again like to speak as the voice of the Crown and the Society to inform you, with a heavy heart, of the postponement of the 49th Pennsic Wars from 2020 to 2021. Please see the official announcements for more information about timing and potential financials ramifications.

24th April 2020 From the MAYOR

G’Day Everyone,

COVID-19 is touching all of our lives and at this time our primary concern is the safety and well-being of our Pennsic Attendees, Cooper’s Lake Family and Staff:, the entire Community of people in and around Cooper’s Lake Campground we interact and depend upon, and our numerous vendors who supply our event. They are all part of the “Pennsic-War-Family”.

When I took on the office of Mayor of Pennsic 49, I promised to, and was entrusted with, the welfare and safety of the entire Pennsic Family. It is therefore with great sadness that I must inform you today that, we have decided to postpone Pennsic 49, scheduled for July 24, 2020 through August 9, 2020 to July 30, 2021 through August 15, 2021.

This postponement will come as heartbreaking news to many of you – and it has been an exceedingly difficult decision for us to make. Since the first Pennsic Wars at Cooper’s Lake we have been so proud to welcome people from all over the Knowne World to beautiful lands of Aethelmarc, but this year, sadly we cannot gather together as before.

As many of you have read in my previous COVID-19 updates, the impact of this terrible pandemic has effects that reach far past just those that attend Pennsic War. I will not go into all our considerations here again, you can all read my previous two posts that outline many of the factors we considered before making this decision. However, on this one occasion the emotion of Pennsic needed to be removed and the hard decision made.

It has been arranged with Cooper’s Lake Management, that those who have preregistered for Pennsic 49 may have their registrations rolled over to 2021.
If you desire a refund, please go to and log into your pre-registration account.

Even if we cannot be together this July, we remain optimistic that the situation will soon improve. I know we are all very worried about the impact that COVID-19 is having on our loved ones and daily lives. My Pennsic team and I send you our very best wishes. We cannot wait to share time together at Cooper’s Lake again with you all.


Sir Gregory of Loch Swan
Pennsic 49

Chin up, Cleftlands. You have more time to finish last year’s Pennsic projects! 💙😥💙😥💙😥💙 We look forward to seeing your progress posts soon!

Draco Invictus and Vivat^3!

Crispin and Gianna
Baron and Baroness of Cleftlands