Midrealm Royal Succession

Greetings unto the populace (and friends) of the Barony of the Cleftlands. As many different sources have been reporting, We would again like to speak as the voice of the Crown and the Society to inform you of the most recent updates pertaining to Crown Tournament and the line of succession within the Midrealm during these tumultuous times.

In unprecedented times, we must take unprecedented measures to ensure the safety and well-being of the great Midrealm Populace. A pandemic continues to spread throughout the Midrealm and other Kingdoms of the Known World. Their Majesties, Felix and Madeleina, and Curia continue to monitor the situation with hopes that we may meet in person soon, and do so safely.

As you are aware, at this time the Middle Kingdom has no Heirs having been unable to gather for purposes of the Crown Tournament. The summer continues to wane while the pandemic persists, leaving uncertainty and disquiet in its wake. And with no Heirs, the Fall Coronation looms, empty of our typical joy leaving only further concern.

Many have inquired regarding these events and how best to secure the Dragon throne. Many of the Populace have called out requesting a continuance of Their Majesties’ reign. Royal Peers, those who have sat the Dragon Throne and understand the burden of the Crown, requested Their Majesties to consider holding the throne longer than was initially anticipated. Likewise, the members of the Middle Kingdom’s Curia beseeched Their Majesties to continue to lead the Middle Kingdom and provide the Populace with continuity and stability.

Their Majesties, have gracefully reflected on these requests and have agreed to continue to Reign. It is the hope of the Crown and Curia to have sufficient plans in place to permit the Fall Crown Tournament as regularly scheduled in October of 2020, assuming a suitable place can be determined which would permit such activity. If this can be done, Their Majesties will continue to reign until the beginning of March in 2021, with Their Heirs assuming the Dragon Throne until the usual transition of Fall Coronation in 2021.

This is the most certainty we can provide at this time. We ask for patience and understanding while we continue to work through details and unknowns. Variables continue to change even as we attempt to plan. Know that attendance for the Fall Crown Tournament will likely be extremely limited, although we do plan to stream it live. We will continue to plan for Heirs, even if circumstances dictate we are unable to move forward with the October 2020 date as currently planned.
The generosity and flexibility of Their Majesties continues to benefit the Middle Kingdom. Our Kingdom continues to remain secure and holds high hopes to be together again, safe and sound.

Long live the King and Queen!! Draco Invictus!!

Yours in Service,
Cerridwen verch Ioreword
Middle Kingdom Seneschal

If you have any questions or concerns about this continuance, please reach out to us and Lady Claricia de la Mere via email at: baron@cleftlands.org, baroness@cleftlands.org, seneschal@cleftlands.org.

Crispin and Gianna
Baron and Baroness of Cleftlands