Meeting Minutes 4-March-54

Baron and Baroness, Crispin and Gianna

Many members of the barony received awards at Regular Event. Here is the list:

  • Dafydd Myddleton‎ – Award of Arms
  • Ginger Winterfield‎ – Award of Arms
  • Gunnora de la Grève‎ – Award of Arms
  • Rojhon the Wanderer‎ – Award of Arms
  • Valdemar of Cleftlands‎ – Award of Arms
  • Yang Bing-Xin‎ – Award of Arms
  • Calum MacDhaibhidh‎ – Award of the Purple Fret
  • Njall Orkneyjarson – Award of the Purple Fret
  • Miriana of Cleftlands‎ – Order of the Willow
  • Rosie Dubroc‎ – Order of the Willow
  • Tariq al Sanna Af Fjall‎ – Order of the Willow
  • Wrin the Red‎ – Order of the Willow
  • Jaquelinne la Deiciere – Order of the Cavendish Knot
  • Reinhardt mit dem Bart – Order of the Cavendish Knot
  • Crispin al-Rumi‎ – Order of the Evergreen
  • Sirius‎ of Cleftlands – Order of Chivalry
  • Branwen filia Paynell – Award of Saint Alfred
  • Jao Veludo Alfonso d’Albuquerque‎ – Award of Saint Alfred
  • Hely d’Isigny‎ – Award of Saint Alfred
  • Elizabethe Alles – Award of the Argent Cresset
  • Jolicia atte Northclyfe‎ – Award of the Argent Cresset

Seneschal, Cadfan

Guilds and Guild Adjacent Activities

Guilds are the special interest groups of the SCA: people working together to focus on a particular activity. Everyone is welcome to attend these meetings.  Please use the new online A&S Activities Tracker on the Midrealm Services Portal to note what you’ve been up to.

  • Armorer’s Guild meets Thursday’s at Ealdred and Clairiel’s home. Please contact Calum at for information or directions.
  • Archery Guild is on hiatus for winter. Please check the Baronial Facebook page for details or contact Gwyneth.
  • Leatherworks Guild will not meet until on or after March 17. The location is moving. The Guild normally meets Tuesdays at 7 pm. Please contact Oliver at or on Oliver Stillman on Facebook for directions and information.
  • Lubeck hosts his Anti-Social (Brewing and everything else) Meeting 7-10 most Tuesdays. If you’re interested, please contact him as Steve Kerg on Facebook to confirm the meeting. The Meadery in Western Reserve interested in doing classes in mead making; the date is up in the air.
  • Needleworkers Guild normally meets 2 and 4th Tuesdays. It will be held at Miriam’s house next Tuesday, March 10.  Contact Miriana at for details.
  • Dance Guild — No report.
  • Cook’s Guild meets first Wednesdays at meeting. Contact Angharad at if you have questions.
  • Scribes Guild. Please contact Milesent at with any questions.
  •  Unofficial Gardeners’ Guild and Potters’ Guild are getting started. See the Facebook groups and Aurelia for details.


  • Demo coordinator, Karl
    • There will be a demo from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. 9-May at the Wildwood Cultural Center in Mentor. There will be outdoor space for tents and indoor space for classes. We can set up Friday night. All disciplines are needed. There will be rapier and armored combat.
    • We are invited to participate in a Micro-Con at Wildwood Cultural Center in Mentor from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. March 28. We will have one table for a display. A&S displays and show-and-tell items are needed. Set-up starts at 9:30 a.m.
    • More demos are coming at various libraries and the E. 200th Street Stroll. Details TBA.
  • Pursuivant, Njall
    • The first meeting of the month he hosts heraldic consultations about submitting an SCA name or arms. Please let him know if you are interested.
    • Enter your name and information on the services portal, and mark Cleftlands as your home group. Being on the services portal makes it easy to submit your friends for awards and find other SCAdians. See Njall for details.
  • Rapier Marshall, Ragna (by Njall)
    • For safety’s sake, please check the condition of your blades.
  • Chronicler, Jolicia
    • She is looking for a deputy. This person needs to be familiar with computers, WordPress and the a member of the Cleftlands email distribution Cleftlist.
  • A&S Minister, Angharad

    • The next Tournament of the Arts will be held on 11-Jan. Registration is closed.
    •  21-March is the North Oaken A&S faire. Registration for entrants is up now. Judges are needed, too.
    • Upcoming months will have A&S themes. April’s theme is “string,” with classes on embroidery, sewing, knitting, fingerloop braid and more. May’s theme is calligraphy and illumination.
  • Exchequer, Robert: 
    • If you would like to donate baronial tithes for the whole year ($45), Robert can give you a receipt for your tax purposes.
    • Turn in reciepts from Regular Event. March 11 is the deadline for turning them in.
  • Social Media Officer, Shahzada
    • The week of March 20 is World Storytelling Day. To mark this, Shahzada would like to get clips of bards talking about why they do the bardic arts. This includes storytelling, music, theater and other specialties. See her for details.


  • Regular Event, 29-Feb (Leap Year Day) :
    • Thanks to everyone who made this event a huge success! Hoobah!
    • Claricia has several Lost and Found items; see her to retrieve them.
  • Dessert Revel schedule — Claricia
    • March’s theme is “Italian — Rome to Renaissance.” April will be a heavy weapons tournament. May will be a rummage sale and craft night. June will be a cookout. Dessert Revels are always the last meeting of the month.
  • May 9 — Fletchings of Spring will be held at Punderson. This is a major Kingdom archery event. See Tarmach for details.
  • Northern Oaken War Maneuvers (NOWM) AS 54/2020
    • Gianna has been Event Steward for the last seven years. If you are interested in shadowing her and learning to take on the role at “the event that runs itself” please let her know, as it’s not too early to get started on planning.
  • Regular Event, AS 55/2021
    • The site we are using (the Byzantine Cathedral in Parma) will not be available after 2020. It is NOT too soon to begin looking for a 2021 site and planning the bid.
    • There will be an A&S Challenge: Projects should combine something you are good at with something you are just learning.
  • Standard Bearers, AS 55/2021
    • We are looking for a bid. See Cadfan for details
  • Minutes submitted by chronicler Jolicia. For updates or additions, contact me at washington.julie@gmailcom or find me on Facebook under Julie Washington.