Meeting Minutes: 3-Jun-55

NOTE: At this time, Middle Kingdom SCA-related activities are cancelled or postponed until July 1. This meeting was held virtually via Zoom and streamed to YouTube. If you would like to view the YouTube stream, click here!

Baron and Baroness, Crispin and Gianna

  • Good evening, Cleftlands and welcome to this week’s baronial meeting. We hope that you have all been well and we hope to be able to see you all soon, on that note:
  • We would like to discuss the recently released missive from the Crown and Curia regarding resuming non-martial activities within the Midrealm, and specifically how we will move forward as a barony.
  • First, we are working closely with the seneschalate to be sure that we are following state, county, city, and site guidelines so we meet safely.
  • We wish to highlight that Kingdom has decreed that there will be no martial activities at this time. To use a modern term, this is a “soft opening”.
  • Finally, we would encourage you to review the video missive and printed materials released by Kingdom and Curia independently.
  • We wish to reiterate that these plans do not mean we are going to abandon the new ways of interacting virtually, just that we are exploring our options so we can unobtrusively integrate the two and continue to be inclusive for all levels of participation and comfort.
  • If you have any questions or suggestions on the subject, we welcome your input. Please reach out to us in email or on Facebook Messenger.
  • These are tense times and we want to remind everyone that one of the hallmarks of the SCA is courtesy, please keep this in mind as we communicate online so that if we have differences we can have the opportunity to work them out face to face.
  • A virtual baronial court will be held June 13 in place of NOWM. See information on how to submit award recommendations on the baronial website.
  • The SCA Census is taking place June 7-21. You can find information on the Cleftlands and Society websites.

Seneschal, Cadfan

  • Please welcome the Lady Æthelwynn Skerra Dimma as Social Media Coordinator and the Lord Tryggr Gillason as Iron Key.
  • The post of Minister of Youth is open. Please see Lady Zofia der Kinder for details. See the baronial website’s Announcement section for details, or apply online here.
  • Cleftlands has a wiki that includes information about members of the Barony – please update your information at  or use the Wiki to research your friends.

Guilds and Guild Adjacent Activities

Some guilds are hosting virtual online activities; please contact the person in charge for details or see the Cleftlands Facebook group for more information. Guilds are the special interest groups of the SCA: people working together to focus on a particular activity. Everyone is welcome to attend these meetings.

As always, please use the new online A&S Activities Tracker on the Midrealm Services Portal to note what you’ve been up to.

  • Armorers Guild: This Thursday, there will be a virtual meeting. Contact Sir Calum via email.
  • Archery Guild: Contact Lady Gwyneth on Facebook.
  • Leatherworks Guild:  Contact Master Oliver via email or on Facebook.
  • Anti-Social Guild: Contact Baron Stephan Von Lübeck via email or on Facebook.
  • Needleworkers Guild:  Next Tuesday, Lady Miriana will host a virtual Needleworker’s guild. Contact Lady Miriana via email.
  • Dance Guild — Contact Baroness Angharad via email.
  • Cooks Guild:  Contact Baroness Angharad via email.
  • Scribes Guild. Contact Master Milesent via email.
  •  Unofficial Potters’ Guild: Contact Mistress Aurelia via the Facebook group.


  • Demo coordinator, Karl
    • Demos are cancelled until the SCA resumes activities.
  • Pursuivant, Njall
    • Enter your name and information on the services portal, and mark Cleftlands as your home group. Being on the services portal makes it easy to submit your friends for awards and find other SCAdians. See Njall for details.
  • Rapier Marshall, Lupa

    • For safety’s sake, please check the condition of your blades.
  • Armored Combat Marshall, Constanza
    • Because of the new law stating that combatants no longer need to be SCA members, all armored and rapier fighters and archers need to file new waiver forms with the marshallate. You can check the Midrealm authorization database to check on your status.
  • Chronicler, Jolicia
  • A&S Minister, Angharad
    • There will be a Kingdom A&S Artisans Meet Up where artisans can receive feedback on their work. The deadline for entries has been extended to Saturday; you can also register to provide feedback.
    • There are two June A&S Challenges. The Cooks’ Challenge is Cooking over Fire. See the usual channels for details. The second challenge is Heraldry in any Medium. Please, create anything heraldic this month, or research and submit your own device.
    • Our May A&S Challenge: Scribal has completed. We had five entrants: four novice and one experienced. See the last Internebbles newsletter, or the Barony’s FB page.
    • Next Monday at 7 p.m. Master Milesent will present a virtual Calligraphy and Illumination Demo for the Willoughby library. Plans are to stream the video to the Cleftlands and library Facebook pages.
    • RUM classes are ongoing, and there are many, many other classes and events being made available virtually, from all over our kingdom, and the Knowne World. Check the RUM and the baronial Facebook pages for details.
  • Exchequer, Robert: 
  • Chatelaine, Shahzada
  • Iron Key, Karl
  • .Youth Minister, Zofia
    • She would like to step down at a date to be determined. See her for details.

Other Announcements

  • Lady Claricia is editing a weekly Cleftlands newsletter. Past editions can be found on the website. Stories and suggestions are welcome.


All SCA events have been cancelled or postponed through July 1.

For updates or additions, contact Lady Jolicia atte Nortclyfe at or on Facebook.