eRum classes: Week of 23-Aug

23-Aug, Sun, 7 pm: Waivers Waivers Waivers Everywhere:
24-Aug, Mon, 7 pm: How to Open a Can of Worms: Research Project in the SCA:
25-Aug, Tue, 7 pm: How to Make Pants: Thorsbjerg Trousers and Hedeby Pants:
26-Aug, Wed, 7 pm: (SEE NOTE BELOW) Virtual Pasternoster Craft Along:

NOTE: Please contact Mistress Elizabethe (Ashley Smith) well in advance to obtain the crafting kit. RUM is not responsible for payment options or the kit: that is between you and Mistress Elizabethe.

Supply list: (cost for kit is $5 for supplies and $4 for shipping. Multiple kits can be shipped in the same package.)
50 – 8 mm round glass beads
5 metal or glass beads of a different shape and/or texture, similar in size to above
2 yds of silk thread (kits use Purely Silk sizes D-FF)
1 bottom-clamp clamshell bead tip with hook (like pictured in tutorial here:
1 twisted wire beading needle, light-medium
1 cross or saints medallion