Class: Combat Archery Administration

Instructor: Sarah of the Erie Sea

Date: 7 to 9 pm, 26-Feb at the Cleftlands meeting site.

Ages: Adults only

For all Armored Combat Marshals, CA Marshals, and CA MITs

This class covers the basics of that you need to know about Combat Archery at an event when you’re marshaling.  All Armored Combat Marshals should know this information, and all CA MITs need to take it for a sign-off.  Topics include paperwork (for events & authorizations), how to run CA auths, and marshaling on the field with CA (and Siege).

Expect to participate in discussion!  CA MITs will get a sign-off for the class only if they demonstrate that they know the information. It will help to review the Authorization and marshal sections of the CA Handbook before the class.  If anything is unclear, please bring it up in class!

The CA Marshal handbook is on the CA Marshal page of the Midrealm website (  Unfortunately, you have to go through the Documents & Forms link to get to it.  As long as you’re there, please read the document on “How to become a Combat Archery Marshal”,” because it may be different than you think.

As always, it helps me if you can send an email to let me know that you’re planning to attend the class.  My address is, or you can find a link on the Midrealm webpage.  Feel free to email me with questions anytime.   NOTE- This is scheduled as a two-hour class; if participants start on time and stay on task, it may take less time.