Standard Bearers Championship Guidelines

On this day do we, Baron Crispin and Baroness Gianna, fifth to hold the Barony of Cleftlands in fief from the Crown of the Middle Kingdom, send greetings. Know that it is our pleasure to invite all who read these words our Standard Bearers Tournament to be held on Saturday, September 2 at St. John’s Byzantine Church in Parma, OH from 9:00 AM until 9:00 PM.

The championship guidelines for all good gentles who wish to compete to serve as the Barony’s champion is ‘A Heroic Age in the Cleftlands‘. What does that mean, you ask? A heroic age is defined as the period at which semi-divine and human heroes are supposed to have lived. Therefore each competitor is encouraged to share a tangible or intangible, epic or modest, deed achieved or inspired by a member of the Cleftlands. If you seek a muse, entreat a fellow Cleftlander for insight.


  • A tale of heroism on the field  (The skaldic saga of Lord Snow’s battle at Hardhome.)
  • An embroidered pouch  (A Codex Manesse inspired pouch with adorned broccoli.)
  • A small reliquary or paternoster (The ave beads are flamingos and the gauds are coffee cups.)

We look forward to seeing you there!


Website: Cleftlands Standard Bearers