Meeting Minutes: 8-Nov-52


  • There will be no meeting on 22-Nov.


  • Many thanks to Eve and Carl who organized and set up the demo at the Mini Maker’s Fair and to the demo attendees, especially those who stood off the fiery mechanical dragon. Please see: for more information about the demo.


  • Robin is collecting feast gear to present to newcomers for the Regular Event feast. If you have any you could provide, please bring them to her.


  • Armored Marshal: The fighter’s meeting will be moved up to 8:45 pm.
  • Arts and Sciences: Runa is looking for anyone interested in teaching a class (, or with requests for classes they’d like to have (, submitted online or in person.
    • Next week will be a class on Head Wear and Wraps taught by Kateline.
  • Archery Marshall: After 5 years, James is looking for a successor to take on the job, and the gear, to free him up for other activities. If you are interested, you can talk to him about what is required. Applications will be online tomorrow, and accepted for two weeks, ending 22-Nov.

Guilds and Other A&S Activities

Guilds are the special interest groups of the SCA: people working together to focus on a particular activity. Everyone is welcome to attend these meetings.

  • Armorer’s Guild meets at Ealdred and Clairiel’s home this Thursday, 7-10 pm. Please contact Calum at for information or directions.
  • Archery Guild meets this Sunday from 11 til 2 at the home of Gwyneth and Muldonney. Please check the Baronial Facebook page, or the Cleftlist, for details.
  • Unofficial Fencing Practice meets this Sunday. Please check the Baronial Facebook group for confirmation, or contact Cynwrig for details at
  • Leatherwork’s Guild meet at Oliver’s at 7 pm on Tuesdays for an Open Bench. Please contact Oliver at or on Oliver Stillman on Facebook for directions and information.
  • Needleworkers will be meeting 14-Nov, at 7 pm, at Robin’s home in Lyndhurst. The 28-November meeting will be at Madelaine’s home in Cleveland. December will be a Needleworkers-free month, to allow for holiday preparation. Please contact Madelaine at for information or details.

Other Announcements

  • 11-Nov is the Rivenvale Fall Bransle event: no site fee, but you must pre-reg for feast. There will be archery, so you can make this one of the five ‘events’ that count towards Their Majesties Hunt challenge.
  • Eastwatch meets next on 13-Nov 7-9 pm, on the campus of Lake Erie College. There is armored and rapier combat as well as other activities. The address is 391 W Washington St. Painesville, OH 44077

Baron and Baroness

  • At the 29-Nov Dessert Revel, the Cleftlands Rapier Classic will be open to all rapier fighters, representing a consort, to compete. The Conserts will join the Consorts Gallery to help select winners. Dulcia will be hosting a Commentary Gallery providing a blow-by-blow explanation. Clarisce will be organizing a betting pool, with largesse as the antes. Find the details at